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Whilst your favourite celebrity personality, model or film/television star is undoubtedly positively lovely, the answer to their flawless appearance frequently lies in the technique of airbrushing, as performed by expertly trained professional make-up artists, who possibly studied at our prestigious college in Johannesburg. 

Next time you see one of them in person, all dressed up and looking positively glowing and radiant, remember that their secret weapon may well be an airbrush in the skilled hands of a well-trained practitioner.

Advantages of Airbrush Make-up 

Instead of putting make-up directly onto the skin and blending it with the fingers, a cosmetic sponge, cotton wool or a series of brushes, it is applied with a small airbrush, which pressure sprays a delicate, fine mist of product onto the skin’s surface.

If you have ever watched someone spray painting a car, you will understand the process and be able to visualise the smooth, even finish which results from this method. Because it is unnecessary to touch the complexion with fingers or sponges and brushes, there is no risk of bacterial contamination, making airbrushing a very hygienic procedure.

Providing the person applying the product is properly trained in the use of this equipment, make-up covers the area evenly and smoothly, expertly minimising fine lines and wrinkles, whilst covering blemishes, dark marks and spots. Even puffy, dark under-eye circles will virtually disappear.

In the hands of a professional artist, it is a quick method of application and can typically outlast traditional make-up, providing that good quality, professional products are used. There’s no wastage and the product stays “put” for many hours thereafter.

Likewise, a temporary suntan can be applied using this technique. According to available information, this was first done in 1959, when make-up had to be applied to a large cast of actors and extras in a short period of time, prior to their appearance in the film, Ben-Hur. The lead actor, Charlton Heston, certainly featured a very healthy looking suntan throughout the movie.

Temporary tattoos are applied using stencils or may be done freehand. Airbrushing is invaluable for large areas, such as body art, where the entire body may be painted in any number of designs, colours, effects and textures.

Special Occasions 

Unless one’s occupation requires it, most people don’t have the time to visit a professional make-up artist for everyday cosmetic application. However, having one’s make-up applied professionally prior to a special occasion is great! At such times, you really want to look your best, so what better way to perfect appearance? A gala event, matric farewell, your wedding day or any other special occasion often calls for the services of a trained aesthetic artist’s skills, to make you look as good as (or better than) you feel.

Where to Learn Airbrushing Techniques 

Our beauty, make-up design and special effects school was established 49 years ago, and has remained at the forefront of colleges offering tuition in these fields. Airbrushing techniques are incorporated in certain of our full-time, diploma courses and is also offered as an individual part-time module, at certificate level.

Whether you plan a career in photographic, theatre, film or television make-up fields or wish to enhance your earning potential as a special occasion make-up artist, you will receive expert airbrushing training at either of our two Johannesburg schools.

Contact Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School today for more information about our training courses.

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