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Reflexology – More than a Massage

Reflexology Treatment - Face to Face™Overall, reflexology is an alternative and holistic, non-invasive treatment and therapy, intended to help the body and its systems function more optimally when compromised. It involves stimulating and manipulating designated pressure points on the feet, and may also incidentally provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Reflexology, per se, is not primarily intended to just be massage therapy, but it nevertheless does contain elements of massage, a procedure that was designed to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and strain, improve circulation, and last, but not least, is downright pleasurable in most cases.

One does not typically think of massage techniques being applied to feet as a therapy, perhaps because some are unaware of reflexology and its purposes. Most people disregard and forget about their feet until they encounter a foot problem or a condition elsewhere that is caused or exacerbated by a lack of proper foot care and/or incorrect footwear.

Additional Important Role

According to the principles of reflexology, the feet have an additional and important role. As a treatment and a therapy, with its roots in the medical treatment therapies of ancient times, other organs and vital systems are the focus of the reflexologist, who applies treatment via the soles of the feet.

Each foot is divided or mapped into various zones, with each zone having a connection to an organ, other body parts, or a system. If either is out of kilter, it may influence and impair the holistic body’s functional balance. A trained reflexologist “re-turns” and rebalances the entire body by manipulating and applying pressure to defined points on each foot.


The curriculum of the 10 x 3,5 hour session training course offered by Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up Design School includes subjects that are pertinent to reflexology – its history, its sequence, the anatomy, and physiology of the feet, mapping the feet and body, foot reading, referral areas, treating specific diseases and disorders, treatment planning and progression, after- and homecare advice, and more.

This discipline is not intended to replace modern medical treatments, but should rather be seen as an additional holistic therapy, which should not be harmful and may be very beneficial.

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