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Make-up Trends and Tips

Make-up and the use of cosmetics are no longer reserved for really special occasions, as was the case until the 1950s became the Swinging Sixties, when iconic leaders in fashion like Mary Quant surfaced, models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy were household names, and the make-up trends that reflected this era became popular.

Forever Changing Fashion

Along with architectural styles, trends in furnishings, motor vehicle designs, garments, accessories, hairstyles, and make-up also come and go, and are forever changing. To a large extent, today’s fashionable retro look was in style during the late 1950s and the 1960s.

Bold eye make-up, with eyeliner extending beyond the outer corners of upper eyelids, were undoubtedly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in her 1963 film role as Cleopatra. In fact, it is believed that the Egyptians’ use of kohl eyeliner helped to prevent eye infections caused by Egypt’s ubiquitous flies. Those eyes are definitely a fashion throwback, if there ever was one.

The Art of Adaptation

Not all make-up styles suit all women, but this by no means implies that you are doomed to stick to the same look, products, and application techniques forever. The secret of remaining fashionably and tastefully made-up relies on the art of adaptation. By adapting make-up tips and trends to suit you, without slavishly following fashion, you will ensure that you are changing with the times, while maintaining your own personal style.

Enduring Make-up Tips

  • Avoid plastering foundation on your face to hide imperfections. Modern concealers, combined with light, high-cover foundation provides a perfect canvas for the rest of your make-up.
  • In your late teens and twenties, high-fashion make-up may look great, but remember that less is sometimes more.
  • Make-up should be age- and occasion-appropriate. Too much may be clown-like, while excessively applied products settle in fine lines and wrinkles, thereby emphasising instead of minimising signs of ageing. Make-up should be subtler during the day, and can be bolder after sunset.
  • Metallic and high-gloss products accentuate ageing skin. Instead, using matte make-up achieves desired, more youthful results when skin begins to lose its tone and elasticity.
  • Eyebrows are an important facial feature. Therefore, it is recommended to keep yours well-shaped and neat. If necessary, have your brows tinted, or enhance them with eyebrow powder or a pencil. Your eyebrows frame and add definition to your face.
  • Select cosmetic products that work for you.

If you truly want to master the art of applying make-up that works for you, enrol for one (or more) of our excellent short courses at Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School, where you will learn all of the make-up tips you will ever need. You will never look back again when applying make-up, but you will look forward, looking your very best.

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