Eyebrow Shaping as an Art

Face to Face - Eyebrow Shaping as an ArtThe Art of Shaping Eyebrows

Unless the style of a work of art, such as a painting, is totally modernist or avant garde, it deserves a frame to complete the picture. Likewise, eyebrows provide structure, definition, balance, and a frame to eyes and a pretty face, the objective of virtually every woman, ever since women first became aware of beauty and an attractive, appealing face.

Eyebrows are physiologically important, although the need for them and their fundamental purpose, which is the protection of the skull’s brow bone and the eyes, has diminished somewhat from a physiological perspective, as homo sapiens have evolved to become what it now is – aesthetic appeal and beauty aside.

Enduring Eyebrow Principles

Like most beauty trends, facial fashions come and go, but certain principles do not change. Brows should be neatly kept and properly, pleasingly shaped. Natural shaping varies greatly, from bold and bushy to nearly there, straight and severe to gently curved with a distinctive arch (the ideal shape).

Nevertheless, shaping can be enhanced or perfected by having them professionally prepared, ideally by a trained beautician, like a Face to Face Beauty and Make-up Design School graduate. Thereafter, it is easy to maintain the newly created, improved form at home with a pair of tweezers and a soft brow pencil or powder in a complimentary colour to emphasise and fill in gaps in hair growth.

Word of Caution

  • Avoid creating a harsh false look by making brows too dark and prominent. Use soft, feather pencil strokes, starting by following the outline of the shaped brow, then filling in. Soften the effect and blend the colour by using the brush at the other, non-pencil end of the pencil.
  • Make absolutely certain that both brows have the same shape, beginning in line with the outer nostril edges and tapering to end in line with the outer eye corner and nostril.

Remember, lopsided eyebrows in need of shaping do nothing for your facial features and overall, well-groomed beauty. Neatly maintained, identical well-formed brows perfect your look and your level of self-confidence in presenting yourself to the big wide world out there, as a natural, balanced beauty.

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