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Top Beauty Therapy Courses for Winning Practitioners

The beauty industry and its numerous disciplines, therapies, schools and courses continue to grow, because the demand for professional products, practitioners and services continues to increase. This means that the industry as a whole is on a very healthy footing and path.

It also means that right now is an excellent time to enrol for a beauty therapy course at our prestigious academy, the only one of its kind which has been in existence since 1965, making it the longest standing beauty and make-up design school in South Africa – and the best place at which to study in the challenging, ever growing aesthetics field.

What Beauty Therapists Do

Broadly speaking, beauty therapists, also known as beauticians or aestheticians, provide various services to their clients. Treatments are designed to enhance the client’s appearance and may also provide health benefits to/for the client’s body and face.

Much like the rest of the beauty industry, the demand for beauty therapists’ services has grown and continues to show remarkable growth, notwithstanding tough international economic conditions. Two major factors are largely responsible for this increasingly popular trend.

New, more advanced technologies and products continue to improve the quality and efficacy of beauty related services, and people have far more knowledge of skin, body and healthcare, to which they’re more inclined to subscribe.

Besides providing services related to the client’s outward appearance, such as facials, make-up, waxing, manicures and pedicures, beauty therapists are also able to perform treatments and apply techniques which make the client look and feel marvellous, within and without, looking as good as they feel.

Better and Younger than Before

It’s interesting to note that older people are “younger” today than ever before. Baby boomers will recall that their grandparents behaved very much like elderly people when they entered their 50s, while many in their late 60s adopted the attitude and lifestyle of someone who was positively ancient.

This is so contrary to today’s situation. Many folks in their 60s lead extremely active lives, are still gainfully employed, are out there having fun and to boot, they look and feel great. People are living longer and generally enjoy a better quality of life than those of previous generations.

Better, more advanced and more accessible medical care must receive credit for mankind’s increased longevity, while improved body and beauty care enables the population to look (and feel) much better – in part thanks to beauty therapists and their awesome products and treatments.

Winning Beauty Therapy Courses

It’s essential that aspirant beauty therapists equip themselves with the necessary qualifications, especially in today’s competitive world. Without a formal, recognised qualification, you won’t get far. In fact, you’ll probably find it very difficult or impossible to obtain employment.

Our beauty academy has been committed to the body care and aesthetics industry since inception in 1965, and is the longest standing college of its kind in South Africa. We offer numerous beauty therapy courses which are in line with, recognised and accredited by the major bodies within the aesthetics and therapy fields, nationally and internationally.

Whether you decide to specialise in a particular discipline or wish to become a generalist, your opportunities are virtually unlimited, with one or more of our top beauty therapy courses behind you, and your nationally and internationally accredited diploma in hand.


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