Your Own Reflexology Practice

Your Own Reflexology Practice - Face to FaceStarting a reflexology practice is a wonderful way to begin a small business that largely revolves around helping and treating people holistically. You can initially operate from your own home or small salon. It does not take much space to set up a treatment area.

Tying in Nicely

It is also a great way to expand an existing business, particularly if you are already offering aromatherapy, waxing, nail technology, manicures and pedicures, or Swedish and relaxing, holistic massage treatments, all of which tie in nicely with reflexology.

Improving Wellbeing

These days, people are very aware of their feet, possibly because professional pedicures are widely accessible. However, reflexology was not designed many centuries ago to take care of the aesthetic aspects of feet. This discipline aims to help treat and improve the health and wellbeing of other, seemingly unconnected organs and parts of the body.


Because the theory and therapy of this practice is holistic, it recognises that virtually every single body part is interconnected. Almost nothing exists in isolation. When all is well with a particular part of the body, there is a positive influence on the overall wellbeing of other parts, because of the entire body’s holistic interconnectivity. Today, most modern medical practitioners would agree with this holistic view, despite not being practitioners of this therapy, per se.

According to the original, ancient principles of reflexology, the feet and specified zones on each foot are used to treat the body as a holistic whole. Pressure and manipulation of these zones on the feet, which correspond to other body parts, enable the practitioner to remove blockages in the interconnected pathways between feet and organs, while rebalancing the system and its counterparts.


Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School in Johannesburg offers an excellent short reflexology course, which includes both the relevant theory and practical techniques. Subjects include the physiology and anatomy of feet, mapping and referral areas, treatment of specific disorders, and after- and homecare advice. It only takes 10 sessions of 3,5 hours each to become a trained reflexologist.

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