What to Know About the Ancient Art of Reflexology and Where to Study It

Reflexology ArtIf you have been working in the beauty industry a while, followed celebrity treatment trends, or just love a good massage yourself, then you have probably heard of reflexology. The ancient practice, however, has much more profound origins than most realise. Today, it is recognised as a form of massage that offers real benefits to those who enjoy this focused treatment, and studying such a course might just be the boost your career needs.

What is Reflexology?

The practice itself has its origins in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which was written about 1 000 BC. The book referred to the connection between “life force” and various points on the human foot. It is believed that a Chinese massage book was later translated by Marco Polo in the 1300s, which subsequently introduced the therapy to Europe. From there, reflexology slowly gained popularity until an American doctor, William H. Fitzgerald, MD, expanded upon the ten vertical zones that extend from the feet to the entire body in 1917. Through the research and contributions of various specialists in years thereafter, reflexology as we know it today focuses on massaging pressure points in the feet, hands, and ears based on the theory that these points are connected to other body systems.

The Benefits of the Treatment

Though there has been debate about what kind of benefits this type of massage provides, many claims it aids in relaxation, relieving pain and anxiety, and helping to boost the immune system. Any massage is, of course, greatly beneficial in lifting one’s mood and allowing the body to unwind, and reflexology is no different.

For those keen on studying this ancient practice and learning how to revitalise and re-centre your clients, then our short reflexology course will offer you the necessary theory and practice of treatment planning, progression, and aftercare. To enrol for one of our quintessential short courses today, simply get in touch with us.

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