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Loved by Feet, Relaxing Reflexology Enhances the Body’s Wellbeing

The practice of and belief in reflexology date back to the ancients, but is most closely associated with ancient Chinese therapies, some of which also include forms of aromatherapy, acupressure, and acupuncture. However, reflexology focuses on massaging and applying pressure to various points in the feet, thus enabling the reflexologist to pinpoint, soothe, and relax problem areas or systems elsewhere in the body.

Functional Feet

Feet are exceptionally hard-working. They allow people to remain upright, walk, run, reach, and jump, supporting the entire body and its weight, helping to cushion and prevent jarring impact from reaching and damaging ankle, knee, and hip joints, as well as the upright human spine.

Essence of Reflexology

Although basic foot massage and more specialised reflexology in itself is usually wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing, the essence of reflexology focuses on knowing which pressure points in the foot connect with which parts and systems of the body.

This enables the reflexologist to apply mild and/or firmer pressure on these points, thereby alleviating symptoms or improving conditions accordingly, as per traditional Chinese medicine’s non-invasive treatment principles. It’s interesting and very relevant to note that although many pressure points in the left and right foot correspond with the same organs or system, there are certain variations between points and their connections in each foot.

Professional Presented Reflexology Courses

At Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School, our intensive and comprehensive professional Beauty Therapy diploma course, comprises of three, one-year full-time courses. The second year’s course, Body Therapy, includes reflexology amongst its subjects.

Upon successful conclusion of this second year’s Beauty Therapy study, students are encouraged to become members of ITEC, which will enable them to write exams and qualify internationally with an ITEC Diploma in Reflexology.

Face to Face also offers a modular short course in Reflexology, presented in ten, three-and-a-half hour sessions. This reflexology graduate receives a certificate, the knowledge of this non-invasive therapeutic practice, past and present, and the skills and ability to assist others, holistically.

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