Turn Heads and Stop Traffic with 3-Easy Hair Styling Tips

Hair StylingAre you feeling tempted to shave your head out of frustration? As an expression of your personality, style, mood, age and attitude, your crown plays a crucial role in knocking years off your face. But it has been a long and beautiful hot summer, and you have put your mane through the wringer. You over-washed, straightened, relaxed, blow-dried, curled and coloured your locks so much that it is dry and limp with a bit of thinning on top.

Nothing can ruin an evening out, like an acute case of frizz—but as seasons change, so does hair texture and products. While it is super fun choosing all those great-smelling products and fancy tools that promise flawless tresses, it’s not so easy using those styling products and tools to tame that mane. That is why we’ve put together a few easy-to-follow hair styling tips guaranteed to make your locks turn heads—and maybe even stop traffic.

  1. Know and Love Your Hair Type—every woman needs styling products that work with, and not against, their natural texture. But how can you possibly become styling product-savvy if you do not even know your hair type?  Knowing whether you are straight, wavy, curly, coily, thick or thin and fine will make a huge difference and prevent you from wasting money.
  2. Learn to Use Your Curling Iron and Blow-Dryer—learning to use a curling iron and hairdryer is priceless and can save thousands in hair styling However, to achieve shiny, smooth locks with the perfect natural curl, invest in a quality high-wattage ceramic hairdryer and curling iron.
  3. Boost Volume by Teasing Your Hair—older women cut their hair short for some unknown reason when they should add volume to their locks. If your hair is short, enhance its life by teasing it with a comb. If you have long locks, keep volume natural-looking with a curling iron and a spritz of hairspray.


To learn more about the top trends, tricks, tips and advice on hair styling, beauty, makeup, massage—visit our blog. However, if you want to enter into the hair styling, makeup, beauty or massage industry, chat with us about our Saturday morning workshops and long courses that can get you industry-ready.

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