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Wisely, you have recognised the benefits of undergoing your beauty and make-up training at our top, premier Johannesburg college, because of our sterling reputation, the comprehensive courses which we offer, and just how well these factors fit in with your career plans and the future success which you envisage for yourself.  Regardless of what your planned career path may be in this stimulating, sometimes challenging industry, make-up, beauty therapy, and allied industry skills and training undertaken at a top reputable school, with national and international accreditation is always in demand wherever you go in the developed world. Avoid Fly-by-night Operators  Unfortunately, the media has been full of really sad stories of pupils who have been completely mislead by empty promises from so-called educational institutions, without any bona fides, recognition and industry accreditation. These unscrupulous, fly-by-night operators have accepted students’ fee payments, perhaps provided the most rudimentary courses, and then locked their doors overnight, disappearing with tuition fees, never to be seen again. In other cases, learners obtained certificates or diplomas, only to find that their quasi qualifications were not recognised or accepted by other educational facilities or prospective employers. No one wants to find themselves in the same situation as these unfortunate souls, In order to avoid such organisations, ensure that you are able to verify that the school of your choice is at the very least accredited by Services Seta, the national South African body which sets the standards for industries, such as our own. Even Better  Even better are those colleges, like ours, which also offer their learners the opportunity to undertake City & Guilds, ITEC, and CIDESCO examinations, and register as members of applicable bodies on conclusion of being awarded accreditation. This enables students to work anywhere in the world, secure in the knowledge that they are suitably qualified and paid accordingly. It is the ideal way to see the world, live in another country, broaden your horizons and experience other cultures. Although there are many, many beauty related job opportunities in this country, there are even more abroad, largely because most westernised countries have the population numbers to support our industry to a greater extent than in South Africa. The film, television and theatre sectors throughout Europe and the USA are also much bigger, providing far more scope for make-up and special effects artists. Range of Make-up Courses on Offer  Despite offering outstanding part-time courses, our leading academy mainly focuses on full time studies. Modules are in-depth and comprehensive, advancing in complexity and detail as students progress from one to the next.
  • Make-up Artistry and Special Effects
  • Make-up Design and Artistry, including Special Effects and Prosthetics
  • Make-up Design and Aesthetics
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Advanced Beauty and Fashion
  • Styling and Aesthetics Technology
  • Teacher/Assessor 
Come to Us  If you are prepared to apply your newly acquired skills, work hard and sometimes put in irregular working hours, when required to do so, you truly can make your mark and excel in this industry. Just bring us your creative spirit, passion and artistic eye for detail, and then our top Johannesburg make-up training college will see to it that you’ are equipped to enter this varied, stimulating world of innovative beauty. Back to Articles >>



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Face to Face

There are many career prospects in the Make-up design, Special Effects and Health and Skincare industry. Enroll for one of our specialized training programmes and see just how rewarding your choice of career can be. - ...

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