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Professional Make-Up Johannesburg

Professional Make-Up for Professional Beauty Practitioners

If you live in Johannesburg and have an in-depth interest in the world of beauty therapy, make-up and other related product and procedure training courses, you’ve most probably come across mention of our prestigious training academy – Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Johannesburg’s Elite Professional Make Up Academy

If you take a walk through any of Johannesburg’s busy shopping malls and other locations where lots of people congregate, you’ll find few women who are completely devoid of make up. It’s very likely that some of them have received training in the art of cosmetic application or had their faces made up by a professional make up artist at least once, probably prior to attending a special occasion or as part of an image consulting make-over.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Professional Make Up Career Training in Johannesburg Since 1965

Once thought to be beyond the ability of many a woman in the past, the application of cosmetics and make up has evolved to become a complex, varied and highly professional occupation, especially in international cities and, of course, equally so in Johannesburg, the hub of South Africa’s fashion and beauty industry.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Professional Make Up Training in Johannesburg for International Careers

It’s hardly surprising that there are so many learning institutions in Johannesburg, including schools of beauty and professional make up, since this sprawling city represents the heart and hub of South Africa’s economic activity, and is situated in the most densely populated province of the country.

Because such a great number of professional make up colleges are located in and around Johannesburg, it may be a little daunting to find exactly the right one at which to study. All undoubtedly profess to be good at what they do, so how does a prospective student differentiate between them, especially if one is insistent upon getting the best training, of a world-class standard?

World-class Training

On the one hand, “world-class training” implies to South Africans that the standard of the academy’s curriculum, lecturers, campus facilities and qualifications are at least equal to or better than the best which international schools have to offer their learners who study abroad.

Secondly and likewise, in its true sense, the term indicates that successful graduates could or should possess the ability to work anywhere in the world, by virtue of the education and training which they’ve undergone during the course of their studies.

Widely Recognised and Accredited Qualifications

In the very competitive professional beauty and make up profession, there are three international bodies whose accreditation really matter and they matter a lot, particularly to South Africans who wish to attain qualifications which allow them to work overseas, and have the opportunity to earn a living, be paid in and travel with foreign currency in hand.

At our highly regarded beauty, make up design and special effects school in Johannesburg, we’ve ensured that our learners have the opportunity to qualify and comply with local graduation standards through Services SETA, which gives them national recognition within SA.

International recognition and accreditation is provided by writing exams for membership of the aforementioned international bodies, which are CIDESCO International (Zurich), ITEC (UK) and City & Guilds (London).

CIDESCO’s mission is extensive. Established in 1946, this organisation continuously strives to advance the professional standards, competence and integrity of make up artists, beauty therapists and special effects artists throughout 33 countries, across 5 continents, via 130 worldwide schools.

This organisation also fosters closer relationships with professional medical bodies with which beauty and make up design specialists are typically and increasingly engaging during the course of their working careers. Our academy is the only one of its kind in South Africa which is CIDESCO make up accredited.

Recognised in more than 38 countries, ITEC courses and acceptance is your passport to an international make up, beauty and complementary therapy career. ITEC is instrumental in setting top-educational standards in these fields.

City & Guilds is the world’s largest and most well-known awarding organisation, and our college is proud to have been the first City & Guilds registered school in South Africa. Their range of qualifications is enormous.

From 1965 and into the Future

Our college has advanced and grown exponentially since its founding in 1965. We now occupy 2 campuses – one in Parktown, Johannesburg, and another in Helderkruin, Roodepoort – where we continue to provide top education and training to some of the country’s best aspiring professional make up artists and beauty specialists.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Professional Make Up Opportunities in Johannesburg and Worldwide

Although we may just have passed the halfway mark of 2015, it’s never too late to enrol for a professional make up course at our beauty, make up design and special effects school, located at two campuses, one each in Parktown, Johannesburg and Helderkruin, Roodepoort.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Calling Prospective Make Up Artists in Johannesburg

Today, there are not many women who don’t wear make up regularly, especially those who form part of Johannesburg’s professional workforce. Whether one likes it or not, people are still largely judged by their appearance, at least to some degree.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Professional Make Up Courses Offered in Johannesburg

You live in Johannesburg and are fascinated by the world of beauty and make up, so why not make a career for yourself as a professional artist in this sought-after, often challenging field? However, if you enrol to study this cosmetic art at our top college, you’ll be taught all you need to know in order to meet the challenges that you may encounter along the way.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Johannesburg Career College for Professional Make Up Artists

Lives and lifestyles of modern women have become very much more sophisticated in every way, especially when a special occasion looms and they want to look their best – that’s when most will call on the services and skills of a professional make up artist in large centres such as Johannesburg.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Where Professional Make Up Artists Study in Johannesburg

Professional make up is generally understood to mean one of two things in Johannesburg and elsewhere in southern Africa. The term may refer to the process of having cosmetics applied by a qualified person who performs this task regularly as an occupation and means to earn a living.

Professional Make Up Johannesburg

Professional Internationally Accredited Make Up Academy, Based in Johannesburg

Not all women in Johannesburg and elsewhere are outwardly natural beauties; by far, most need a little help, like professional make up, to enhance those features that are truly lovely and minimise those which are less so.

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