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When one hears the word “reflex”, an automatic, involuntary action automatically comes to mind, correctly so in most instances. However, the practice of a supplementary and complementary therapy with ancient origins, reflexology, involves far more than a mere automatic reflex in response to an action or condition.

As Defined

Reflexology is “a theory and therapy that uses the feet to treat the whole body” in its totality, holistically. “By manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, the body can be ‘re-turned’ and brought back into balance”, retuned, as it were.

As a therapy and treatment, it is completely natural and non-invasive, with few, if any, side effects. Although it is not classified as a medical procedure, but rather as a complementary treatment, any rarely encountered, less pleasant after effects of these procedures are generally mild and of brief duration, causing no damage or harm, which is very much in line with the ethos and a phrase contained in the Hippocratic oath that medical professionals swear to – “do no harm”.

Zones of the Feet

According to reflexologists, each human foot is divided into different zones or areas, which correspond to or connect with a specific part of the human body along energy pathways. When a pathway is blocked, an area or organ ceases to maintain its optimal, healthy state or function, which in turn, eventually affects the rest of the holistic body negatively. Virtually everything is unbalanced.

By applying gentle pressure to a zone on the relevant foot, the blockage is removed or minimised, allowing the natural flow of energy to be restored and the body to be rebalanced, via a stimulated reflex response, originating in the foot/feet. This is reflexology, in a nutshell, a form of alternative medicine, and one of its holistic treatments and therapies.

While this practice may be successfully used as a “stand alone” therapy, it is not intended to replace any conventional medical procedure or treatment, which a doctor may deem necessary to prescribe. However, because reflexology does no harm, it is a valuable complementary treatment, with the possibility of presenting an alternative adjunct to more invasive, conventional therapies.

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