Reflexology: Master an In-Demand Skill and Enjoy a Rewarding Life-Long Career

As a result of lockdown, coupled with tough economic times, the past several months have been stressful. Many South Africans can’t help but feel anxious about what the future will look like for them. While studies reveal that stress and anxiety increase the chances of disease, relaxation treatments like massage and reflexology reduce cortisol levels, which calm the mind and body – minimising the chances of inflammation and degenerative disease.

Reflexology Enables the Body to Naturally Heal

An ancient 5000-year-old art originating from China, reflexology is an alternative, supplementary therapy that works on the principle that the hands and feet represent all the organs of the body. With the hands and feet mirroring the body, a therapist will stimulate specific reflex points and energy flows by applying pressure to these sites. Not only does this ancient healing practice reduce stress, but it also balances the body’s system and organs. It also betters sleeping patterns, focus and energy levels, and it enables natural healing.

Although the hospitality, beauty and tourism industries hit a snag over lockdown, today, more than ever, treatments such as reflexology are in demand. If you’re interested in getting into natural healing, and you have flexible, powerful hands and fingers, make this rewarding field a full-time career with the right accredited certification.

A Reflexology Diploma Opens Many Career Doors

Reflexology, practised with massage treatments, will open many career doors. You can run a practice from your residence or travel to your client’s homes. You can even find work in a wellness centre, retreat, spa, beauty salon, lodge, and hotel. Last but not least, you can help both elderly and cancer patients that struggle with organ damage and circulation. It is a rewarding career – but first, you need to the right education. To find out how to enter this rewarding industry, get in touch with the team at Face to Face Make-up & Beauty Design School.

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