Reflexology Demystified

Reflexology DemystifiedDemystifying Reflexology

Google is modern mankind’s go-to, most handy and easily accessible front of online information for almost any subject of which one can think, as well as some that might elude one, were it not for the mine of immensely diverse info and data gathered on Google.

By Popular Definition

This immensely popular information source also defines a reflex as “an action that is performed without conscious thought as a (or “an automatic”) response to a stimulus”. Reflex is integral to the essence of reflexology, as can be seen in the same source’s definition of reflexology: “a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head, linked to every part of the body”.

Links to Ancient and Modern China

Modern reflexology, also known as an alternative therapeutic practice, much like acupuncture, probably has strong links to ancient Chinese palliative medicine and treatments. Because reflexology is known to be truly ancient, there are various theories about its exact origin.

Nonetheless, it still is a popular form of therapy in China, and is growing rapidly in popularity and use in South Africa and elsewhere across the western world, principally for its non-invasive therapeutic and drug-free de-stressing qualities. In South Africa, mainly the feet are used and utilised as massage and pressure points, which stimulate specific other parts of or organs elsewhere in the body, which are in less than optimal condition.

Stimulatory Effect of Removing Energy Impediments

Reflexology’s pressure point massage techniques remove impediments and blockages that prevent the “free flow of energy” and optimal circulation throughout the body via reflexology’s identified pathways between the feet and body parts. This is accomplished by stimulating the corresponding specified points on the soles of the feet and toes.

At the highly reputable Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up Design School in Johannesburg, our comprehensive three-year, professional Beauty Therapy course includes reflexology as a subject in the 2nd year’s curriculum. Alternatively, one may enrol for a modular course in reflexology, which is included in our short beauty course collection.

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