Reflexology and Feet

reflexologyReflexology – Feet are Fundamental

We take them for granted and barely give them a second thought – unless something goes wrong and they cause us pain or discomfort. What are they? We are talking about your feet, a pair of the most essential, truly hardworking extremities found in the lowest part of the human body.

These flexible, intricate appendages enable us to balance in an upright position, stand, walk, run, and perform virtually every task and action that applies to human beings, their behaviour, activities, and tasks. Additionally, healthy, functioning feet are exceptionally important in more ways that those that are patently obvious.

Feet are the foundation on which the ancient principles and techniques of reflexology are built and practised. It is the art, science, and therapy of treating conditions and ailments elsewhere in the body by massaging and manipulating the feet.


Google defines a reflex as “an action that is performed without conscious thought as a response to a stimulus”. Reflexology (application of pressure, massage, and manipulation to specific points in the feet) provides the stimulus. The involuntary, automatic, and instinctive response is generated in another organ or body part. This is the non-invasive basis of this therapy.

Holistic Treatment

Reflexology takes a holistic approach in its treatment of the body, recognising that every single part of the body is linked to all others, directly or indirectly, rather than regarding each part or organ as being independent and isolated. It is much like the balance in and of nature. Removing, disturbing, or altering even the smallest, seemingly insignificant thing has an impact on every other natural condition, creature, feature, and phenomenon.

Once the balance of things is disturbed and altered in the human body, reflexology strives to improve and treat this imbalance by unblocking specific energy paths between the feet and body part that are out of whack, as it were.

Doubters of alternative therapies should note that reflexology may well be effective in treating or alleviating their condition and its symptoms, but at worst, it does no harm. Clients or patients have something to gain and nothing to lose.

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