Reflexology: a Holistic Approach Supported by Holistic Therapy

ReflexologyThere are various options open to you and a number of directions you could follow if you believe that the human body should be regarded holistically, rather than treating any problem, condition, or ailment in isolation, as it relates to a specific area or organ.

All Interrelated

If this is your view, rest assured that increasing numbers of qualified medical professionals agree with your holistic belief and approach. For a number of decades, a holistic approach and holistic therapies were largely disregarded by patients and conventional practitioners, but increasingly are once again being accorded their rightful places. Everything in the body is connected.

If one area or organ is in distress, it affects the wellbeing and optimal function of virtually all others, at least minimally, but often to a major extent. This is why a person may feel somewhat or generally out of sorts, without being able to pinpoint a particular area or cause. They experience an overall feeling of general malaise, with the reason, region, or cause being unidentified.

The Nature of Reflexology

By manipulating and applying pressure to certain points in certain defined zones in the feet, blockages in energy and nerve pathways to problem parts of the body can be released by the reflexologist, which contributes to the restoration of the body’s natural holistic balance.

At Face to Face Beauty and Make-up Design School, our range of specialised programmes include a short, modular reflexology course, which is presented in 10 x 3,5-hour sessions by qualified, professionally trained lecturers. After the successful completion of our course, a Face to Face certificate is awarded.

We have included a short, part-time reflexology module in our offering, because we recognise the importance, function, and benefits of this non-invasive, age-old holistic therapy. Benefits include relaxation, a feeling of wellbeing, increased energy, stimulation of circulatory systems and nerve function, plus the elimination of toxins

A Face to Face course also enables you to pursue a career at a beauty therapy salon, spa, or in your own enterprise, even in the comfort and convenience of your home.

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