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Professional Cosmetics for Professional Applications

Generally, professional make-up products are not available through traditional retail outlets, because they are specially designed and intended for use in specific areas, unrelated to the mass public marketplace.

They’re not mass produced for typical consumers, nor are they the subject of extensive marketing campaigns which are launched on/in public media platforms for public consumption. These products are promoted to practitioners within the beauty profession.

For whom or what are professional make-up products manufactured? Simply put, they’re intended to be used by professional make-up artists on their subjects, who are usually members of artistic professions too. They may appear in film, on television, in the theatre, or the photographic and fashion industries.

Lastly, but by no means least – professional make-up products are essential components in the aesthetic concealment of scars, blemishes and injuries on the skin, and in the creation of prosthetics and special effects. In short, in the beauty industry and those allied with it, they are essential tools of the trade (profession).

We must emphasise that the learners at our prestigious beauty, make-up design and special effects academy are equipped with top-quality professional “tools” too; only the best will do, since we expect and receive the best possible standards of work from our students.

Characteristics of Professional Cosmetics

  • Designed for professional application and use.
  • The finest ingredients and raw materials are used in their manufacture.
  • Once applied correctly, professional cosmetics stay in place for a long time without requiring re-application.
  • Excellent adherence and ideal for face shading, shaping and emphasis.
  • Outstanding concealment, corrective and camouflage capabilities.
  • Colours remain true, no fading or discolouration.
  • Streak-proof, even under harsh, hot lighting and in hot weather.
  • Waterproof make-up available too, mainly for use around the eyes.
  • Ranges include products designed for airbrush application.

Techniques Taught at Our Academy

The list below includes some, but not all, of the specialised techniques and types of professional make-up applications which are expertly taught by industry professionals at our Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School. It excludes those styles and applications already mentioned previously:

  • Bridal.
  • Kabuki.
  • Oriental, Geisha, Asian and Ethnic/Black.
  • Ballet.
  • Photographic make-up for men, and for black and white and colour photography.
  • Make-up for day, evening, glamour, special occasions and mature persons.
  • Theatrical ageing, eye bags and wrinkles.
  • Ramp and catwalk modelling.
  • Avant-garde.
  • Clown, hobo, prostitute and other characters.
  • Futuristic and fantasy.
  • Body art and face painting.
  • Crepe beards.
  • Bald caps.
  • Cuts, compound fractures, burn, stab and bullet wounds (special effects).

In order to provide our learners with a thorough understanding of their products and their canvas (the person on whom they’re working), subjects are dealt with on both theoretical and practical levels, if applicable. Other theoretical modules include anatomy of skin, muscles and bones, and the history of make-up.

Reputable, Recognised and Accredited

Our school and its courses are highly reputable, and are recognised and accredited with our industry’s principal awarding bodies. Our qualifying graduates can therefore establish a sought-after career in the field of their choice, anywhere at all – locally or internationally.

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