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Once thought to be beyond the ability of many a woman in the past, the application of cosmetics and make up has evolved to become a complex, varied and highly professional occupation, especially in international cities and, of course, equally so in Johannesburg, the hub of South Africa’s fashion and beauty industry.

At various stages, women who wore make up were judged as being of questionable moral and social standing. During South Africa’s earlier European settlement, the use of cosmetics was mainly restricted to members of the acting fraternity, and then only in larger centres like Johannesburg and Cape Town, which featured public entertainment and theatres.

Throughout history, cosmetics served a variety of purposes, quite unlike those of today, which include enhancing one’s best features, concealing or minimising those which detract from perceived perfection, body art, creating specific looks for film, television, stage and fashion work, and making highly specialised special effects appear to be completely realistic and genuine.

Origins of Make Up and Mankind

The use of make up occurs in virtually all cultures across the world and appears to have done so since time immemorial. However, proof of its use and history can only be determined by archaeological evidence, some of which dates back some 6 000 years.

It’s widely accepted that Homo sapiens evolved in Africa, where it appears that red ochre mineral pigments were used for ritual body art, possibly 100 000 years ago. In the area to the northwest of Johannesburg, now known as “the Cradle of Humankind”, exciting new discoveries supporting the origins of man continue, predating use of cosmetics.


Commercially produced kohl pencils are amongst the most widely used products with which to emphasise the eyes and lids nowadays, yet kohl is one of the oldest known types of make up, favoured by ancient Egyptians, Romans and amongst the peoples of the Middle East.

In Egypt, kohl is reputed to have had 3 functions – beautifying eyes, protecting them from fly-borne infections and deflecting damaging harsh desert sunlight. Affluent ancient Egyptians and Romans employed specially trained slaves to apply their cosmetics – the first professional make up artists on record.

Face Powder and Pale Skin

Across the ages and known cultures, pale skin has been highly sought after for centuries. A light complexion signified high social status, wealth and a leisurely lifestyle. This implied that one did not have to work outside in the sun, being sufficiently affluent to remain indoors, with servants to see to one’s every need.

In order to enhance a pale visage, ancient Egyptian, Roman and Japanese women applied white lead powder to their faces in order to obtain the whitest complexion possible, unaware of the hazards of lead.

Queen Elizabeth | was almost never seen in public without her white lead powdered face. She undoubtedly made use of ladies in waiting who had received professional training in achieving the pale look which she popularised.

Modern Professional School of Make Up Artistry

Our leading academy has been involved in beauty, make up design and special effects since 1965, now from campuses in Johannesburg and Roodepoort, offering professional, locally and internationally recognised and accredited courses for students who seek a stimulating, rewarding career in a multitude of beauty disciplines.


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