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Professional Make Up Courses Offered in Johannesburg

You live in Johannesburg and are fascinated by the world of beauty and make up, so why not make a career for yourself as a professional artist in this sought-after, often challenging field? However, if you enrol to study this cosmetic art at our top college, you’ll be taught all you need to know in order to meet the challenges that you may encounter along the way.

Since our founding in Johannesburg during 1965, our highly regarded academy has been training and qualifying aspirant professional make up artists in numerous specialities, all requiring a thorough knowledge of cosmetic application for diverse purposes.

Make Up of Old

It’s possible that you regard make up and its application as a relatively modern discipline, but it is, in actual fact, as old as the hills, a practice dating back to ancient civilisations, certainly back to some 10 000 years BC, and perhaps even far longer ago, in the form of body art. However, archaeologists can only be certain about dates once they’ve unearthed evidence.

Ancient Egyptian Make Up

Ancient Egyptians applied kohl on their eyelids, which served to emphasise the eyes’ beauty and ward off flying insects which might cause infections. Ground, powdered malachite was used as green eye shadow. Ladies ensured that they carried their cosmetics with them in special containers when attending festivities.

Egyptian society was very conscious of personal hygiene and appearance. They bathed regularly and took great care of their skin, protecting it from the harsh dry climate and sunlight by applying balms made of various natural substances, such as beeswax, olive and castor oil, honey, resins and henna. Cleopatra is reputed to have bathed in donkeys’ milk to preserve her soft skin – another sign of her great beauty.

Roman Cosmetics

In some ancient Roman quarters, the use of make up was thought to be common, but women nevertheless did indulge themselves by applying cosmetics. Upper class, wealthy ladies had slave women who were specially trained to apply their make up and style their hair, perhaps the first “professional” make up artists.

A pale complexion indicated wealth and status, since it was desirable and seen as a sign that the woman did not have to work outdoors, but had sufficient slaves to ensure that she was able to live a life of leisure. In order to achieve a pale complexion, lead face powder or chalk was applied to facial skin.


Much of popular Roman practices and fashions were “borrowed” from the Egyptians and ancient Greeks. Pale faces (white face powder) were popular and Grecian women used crushed mulberries as rouge. Fake eyebrows were fashioned by the application of ox hair.

Modern Professional Make Up Courses

The modern world of make up has become professional and very competitive. Without training and a qualification, it would be difficult to find employment in this industry, which is why our academy in Johannesburg offers a range of recognised and accredited courses, comprising of theory and practical training.

Our easily navigable website describes the essential elements of each course, and our registrar will gladly answer any queries when you attend an enrolment interview. We also periodically hold open days at our campuses in and near Johannesburg, a great opportunity to get a small taste of the world of professional make up.


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