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In Johannesburg, as elsewhere in cities and centres where people follow and set fashions and new trends, professional make up artists must remain at the top of their game in order to provide their clients with the latest looks, products, expert advice and skilled application techniques. 

Additionally, many South Africans look forward to travelling internationally, seeing the rest of the world whilst practising their trade, broadening their experience and enhancing the content of their CVs. However, without internationally recognised formal qualifications, this is virtually impossible.

These are just a few of the reasons why our prestigious professional make up design school was established in Johannesburg, way back in 1965. We have the proud reputation of providing outstanding training and educational programs and are the longest standing beauty school which also specialises in make up design and special effects in this country.

A Profession 

It’s far more than just a job and a means of earning a living. One’s profession refers to a specialised career, vocation or occupation (or sport) for which one must undergo relevant, goal-oriented formal education and/or practical training and be tested after completing the curriculum in order to determine that a minimum standard of competence and skill has been learned and mastered.

Curricula and examinations must also conform to a minimum set of standards, typically laid down by a body governing, regulating or representing the particular profession.

Upon successfully passing the test and/or examination, which may be theoretical and/or practical, the candidate is deemed to have qualified and will be recognised as such in the field of their choice; they now have a profession which entitles them to be employed and paid accordingly.

Permutations of “Professional” 

There are numerous meanings, permutations and interpretations of what it means to be professional. Some, but not all of these are:

  • A person who works solely in a specific field and is known as a professional.
  • “Professional” may refer to a level of competence and skill required to perform a particular activity.
  • May indicate the status of the activity, differentiating between an amateur and a professional. The latter earns his/her living by practising or performing the activity. Sportsmen and women are a typical example.
  • Can also be used to describe good conduct, exemplary behaviour and courteous attitude expected of and ideally associated with the person in their work related environment.
  • Implies that the person belongs to a specific occupational group, such as medical practitioners, scientists, musicians, engineers, lawyers and of course, professional make up artists – all of whom earn their living in their chosen endeavour.

Courses and Qualifications 

We offer a range of full time, sequential professional make up courses from which your selection may be made, depending on in which direction you wish to specialise. Studies are both academic and practical/experiential. Locally, courses, course material and exams comply with SETA regulations and standards. Internationally, we are recognised and accredited by City & Guilds, CIDESCO and ITEC.

Learners are encouraged to write relevant international accreditation and membership examinations thereafter, which will enable them to work as professional make up artists and/or beauty professionals in Johannesburg or anywhere else in the world.


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It is OPEN DAY tomorrow. Visit us for a full tour of the facility. Beautiful COLOUR eyelash extensions.


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