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Not all women in Johannesburg and elsewhere are outwardly natural beauties; by far, most need a little help, like professional make up, to enhance those features that are truly lovely and minimise those which are less so.

It sounds simple and easy, and most modern women use some make up daily, but professional training, such as that offered at our premier academy in Johannesburg, enables the artist to accomplish a result which is truly akin to a transformation.


Art and Science 


Using the face as a canvas, it requires a trained artist to enhance and complete the picture; herein lies the art of make up application. The successful artist has keen powers of observation and an eye for detail, a passion for cosmetics and beauty, perseverance and patience. Colour and its use also form a vital part of this art, to which some refer as body art.


However, there’s a highly scientific side to this discipline too. one must have a knowledge of the face and its physiology, skin types, facial shapes and in-depth product knowledge, both from an analytical/ingredient point of view and accurate information about how a variety of products perform, interact and complement one another.


Origins of Professional Make Up 


It’s understandable that many people ascribe the burgeoning use of make up to the 20th century, especially since cosmetics were very sparsely used, if at all, and the practice was actually frowned upon during the preceding period – the Victorian era.


The advent of moving pictures (the movies or film industry) early in the 20th century had an enormous impact on the re-emergence and growing popularity of cosmetics, since women sought to emulate their favourite film stars, the goddesses who dominated the silver screen, but make up and its use originated far, far earlier.


Some are of the opinion that cosmetics, in the form of red ochre powder and pastes, were already in use during the Middle Stone Age in Africa. However, there is firm archaeological evidence that ancient Egyptians used make up. Eyelids were lined with kohl, sometimes with the addition of green pigment obtained from ground malachite.


Heavy kohl lines around the lids also had the advantage of keeping flies away from the wearer’s sensitive eye area and preventing eye infections. Clear evidence of ancient Egyptian eye cosmetics can be seen in surviving hieroglyphics and on death masks, the most famous being that of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.


The status of Ancient Roman women in society was closely linked to the variety and amount of make up that they wore. The wealthier the woman, the more cosmetics she used. Their style of dress did little to signify their affluence; hence they relied on personal adornment, which included elaborate hairstyles, wigs, foundation, eye liner and shadow, lip, cheek and nail colour.


Many of the ingredients were toxic, unlike those incorporated in today’s scientifically developed and tested professional products, where safety is paramount. Now, ingredients are legally required to be listed on packaging, while professional standards and appropriate formal qualifications are expected from aesthetic practitioners.


Obtain your Professional Qualification 


More than ever before, all fields of study are highly specialised. If you have a passion for the art and science of make up, you need a professional qualification, obtained through a highly regarded, nationally and internationally accredited beauty school, and this you can get from our specialised Johannesburg academy.



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