Nail Courses in Gauteng

Comprehensive Nail Courses in Gauteng


Nail technology and the latest options offered by this innovative beauty discipline have never been as varied or in such great demand as is now the case in 2015, which is why our beauty academy in Gauteng offers professional courses, comprehensively covering this complex field.


Advanced techniques, the latest product knowledge, cutting-edge technology, current and evolving nail art fashions are amongst the aspects covered in the nail course curricula presented at our two Gauteng campuses – one in the suburb of Helderkruin (Roodepoort area) and the other in Parktown, Johannesburg.


Grooming and First Impressions


Grooming is an all-inclusive, top-to-toe affair, something which discerning men and women in Gauteng and elsewhere realise, and this includes the tips of one’s fingers and toes. Advanced techniques, improved products, new technologies and evolving nail fashions are dealt with in our nail courses.


When asked about what they first notice upon being introduced to someone new, most people mention eyes, mouth, hands and feet, not necessarily in this order. The latter aspects invariably include the person’s footwear and the appearance of their nails.


With South African sunny weather on the way, it won’t be long before sandals emerge as the preferred footwear, particularly for ladies, who nowadays wear open sandals throughout Gauteng’s long, hot summer months, for virtually any occasion – casual, corporate or formal.


However, it’s vital that feet and nails are neatly groomed. That most important first impression (and those subsequent) will include hands and feet, hence nails, which speak volumes about the level of one’s personal care.


More than a Mani or Pedi


Salon nail care – manicures and pedicures – once consisted primarily of removing rough skin, cleaning, cutting, filing, pushing or cutting back cuticles, and applying a coat of nail varnish or polish, yesterday’s manicurists have become today’s more advanced nail technicians.


In order to qualify as a professional technician, the aspirant specialist needs to undergo professional studies in all aspects of modern nail care, treatments and art. Our academy’s Styling & Aesthetics Technology course is one which does just that, also taking the learner even further, spanning 8 months, full time.


Subjects include complimentary disciplines, which aim to widen the nail technician’s range of services, if, as and when required. The knowledge of and skills required to offer image and colour coding, henna tattoos, fast fashion hairstyling, facials, Indian head massages and eyelash extensions allow technicians to increase their revenue and job opportunities too.


Aspects to Keep in Mind


• Keep toe and fingernails neat, clean, fresh and at a length which is manageable for you (and your occupation).
• Regularly and gently push back cuticles.
• Ideally, the fingernails’ edges should mirror their shape at the nail bed/base.
• Toenails should be cut straight across the entire edge, not rounded into the corners, which may cause or exacerbate ingrown toenails – a very painful condition.
• Exfoliate and moisturise regularly. Rough, cracked heels are not only unsightly, but they detract from the beauty of your foot and footwear. Likewise, avoid rough cuticles and skin around fingernails.


Leading Courses at a Leading Academy


Located in Gauteng, our academy is the longest established, leading school of beauty, make-up design and special effects in South Africa, and our nail and other courses are tops, offering the best training to equip yourself for a career in this competitive and rewarding industry.



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