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reflexologyDemystifying Reflexology

There is nothing at all that is mysterious or mystical about reflexology. It is merely a non-invasive alternative treatment and therapy, which is based on ancient knowledge and medicinal practices, as well as theories and principles that are linked to a body’s reflexes.

Involuntary Reflexes

In turn, reflexes are involuntary responses to stimuli, which are applied to the body. The knee jerk reflex test, performed by medical practitioners, illustrates a reflex action particularly well. The lower leg kicks out, seemingly of its own accord, when the doctor strikes the patient’s leg on a spot just below the kneecap. This is a reflex action, over which the patient cannot exercise any control.

According to its governing theory, the practice of reflexology works by simulating defined areas in the feet of the patient. These areas are the pressure points that are linked to various organs within and other parts of the human body, when stimulated and manipulated.

Maps of Both Feet

Most reflexologists display a chart, much like a map, which indicates which part of each foot acts upon various organs, when one or more organs are off balance or out of sorts. Although there are a few zone similarities between feet, each foot has its own, unique defined zones, which pertain to other body parts and organs. If a part of the body is not functioning optimally, virtually the entire body’s wellbeing and equilibrium are compromised to some degree. This is an important principle of reflexology.

Holistic Therapy

The trained reflexology practitioner views the body and treats its ailments holistically by unblocking, rebalancing, and retuning the blocked or impaired pathways between the feet and related body parts. Once the blockage is removed, the unpleasant symptoms should be alleviated.

Supplementary Treatment

We are not suggesting that anyone abandon customary medical treatments, by any means. To do so might have disastrous consequences. However, you have nothing to lose and possibly a great deal to gain by including reflexology in your therapy regime, because it is holistic, natural, and non-invasive, and cannot cause any harm.

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