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Women’s Fascination with Beauty and Make-Up

Most little girls are fascinated by make-up; they’ll spend hours watching their mums applying it, wishing that she’d let them loose to experiment with her products and dreaming of the day when they’ll be sufficiently grown up to be allowed to apply cosmetics to their own faces, paint their nails and wear high heels.

When one is a child, time seems to pass really slowly, and the period of waiting to grow up appears to feel endless. Seldom does this young girl realise how rapidly time speeds by, in reality, and how soon she’ll be using cosmetics to mask imperfections of which she’ll remain unaware until her critical sense of self-awareness develops.

Fundamental Purpose

Only once signs of ageing begin to appear, much later in her life, does she think back and realise how lucky she was in the days when she had no knowledge of make-up’s actual purpose – concealing that which is less pleasing and enhancing her best features, which also draws the eye of an observer away from perceived flaws.

Why? The answer is straightforward. Virtually all young girls long to become great beauties, icons that stand apart from the rest by virtue of their incredible good looks and subsequent fame and fortune. This is nothing new. A so-called great beauty is noticed and admired, and her personal style, beauty regimen, attire and lifestyle is copied by her fashion conscious sisters. She’s a trendsetter.

Since ancient times, certain women were and still are regarded as great beauties; many of them were/are known to wear make-up; most made use of the services of professional make-up artists (or specially trained slaves).

Iconic Beauties through the Age

  • Cleopatra – a female pharaoh in ancient Egypt, who was not thought of as an exceptional beauty, but she had that “something” which entranced both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Cleopatra reminds one that physical appearance is not the only factor which defines attractiveness. Ancient Egyptians of both genders applied heavy eye make-up.
  • Nefertiti – another Egyptian beauty with an elegant, long swan-like neck and symmetrical features, judging by an image, discovered by archaeologists.
  • Helen of Troy – the face that launched a thousand ships.
  • Delilah – the biblical woman who caused the downfall of Samson.
  • Mata Hari – a seductive successful spy during the First World War.
  • Betty Grable – the troops’ pin-up girl of World War ll.
  • Greta Garbo – mysterious, reclusive film star of Swedish origin, wonderfully arched brows.
  • Marilyn Monroe – a true Hollywood icon, often wore red lipstick and popularised a beauty spot.
  • Brigitte Bardot – French actress who achieved international fame, popularised plucked eyebrows and cat-eye cosmetics.
  • Elizabeth Taylor – her violet eyes were an outstanding feature.
  • Sophia Loren – her almond shaped eyes were enhanced with eye make-up.
  • Audrey Hepburn – gamin looks and heavy eyebrows.
  • Grace Kelly/Princess of Monaco – a natural beauty who wore natural-looking cosmetics.

Training Professional Make-Up Artists Since 1965

If your passion for make-up has grown since your childhood, when you longed to use it, consider a career path as a professionally qualified artist in this field. Our internationally accredited college in Johannesburg has been training professional beauty practitioners since 1965 and we look forward to doing the same for you.

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