Make-Up for Different Skin Colours

Helpful Tips for Choosing Make-Up for Different Skin Colours

Make-up colours change with fashion styles and trends. The latest and most sought-after colour may or may not be the right one for your skin colour, so how do you take the risk out of buying make-up? You can either opt for a professional and expensive makeover every season, or opt to learn what goes into choosing the best colours to complement your skin.

Start off by determining your skin tone by wearing a white shirt and looking in the mirror. An important aspect to remember during this step is to make sure that you are in natural or incandescent light, as fluorescent or yellow light will reflect off your skin. If your skin has a warmer tone, it will appear to have more yellow-red. Should your skin tone be cooler, it will feature more blue-pink. Keep in mind that your skin tone is not your skin colour. Skin tone is the colour that is under the skin colour, and it reflects or enhances against white.

Skin undertone is frequently shortened to merely skin tone when people refer to colour. There are many skin colours, but there are only two basic skin tones – cool and warm. Once you determine your skin tone, you can start selecting complementing make-up colours. This arms you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Assess Your Skin Colour

Decide which of the major skin colour types you fall into – dark, olive, medium or fair. People that share the same skin colour don’t necessarily share the same skin tone. Select a foundation that matches your skin colour, keeping in mind that you might have to switch foundations from winter to summer. This will depend on whether your skin is slightly darker in summer months. When searching for a complementary foundation, the best place to test it is on the skin between the lower cheek and jawbone.

The rule of thumb for this is:

  • Select a yellow-toned foundation if you have a warm skin tone; and
  • Select a cool colour foundation with pink or blue undertones if you have a cool skin tone.

Should you have a darker skin, take care to ensure that the foundation doesn’t make you look ashen. If this happens, consider a different colour or a yellow-based foundation.

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