Make-up Career Opportunities

Create your Own Make-up Opportunities

Congratulations – you’ve decided to follow your dreams, make the most of your opportunities and pursue a career in the make-up and beauty industry. Your next step involves getting further specialised education and training, but how and where will you go about obtaining this? 

From our point of view, as the longest standing dedicated beauty, make-up design and special effects college in South Africa, you owe it to yourself to get the best training that’s currently available, as the number and type of career opportunities ahead of you will depend on this.

Begin with One of the Best

Without a sound, solid foundation and a recognised formal qualification, you may eventually find a job in this challenging, competitive industry, but not necessarily a career. It’s far wiser to start the right way, thereafter building, growing and developing experience for your portfolio. 

Our specialised academy was founded in 1965 and is still privately owned by members of the same family, who, like you, all have a passion for and commitment to the beauty profession.

In addition to being the longest established institution of its kind in South Africa, our school is also the only nationally and internationally recognised and accredited make-up design and special effects college on the African continent.

Career or Job 

As indicated, a career and a job are not exactly the same thing. So, what’s the difference, since one often hears about someone job-hopping (with a rather negative connotation), but never about career-hopping?

A job may be described as work undertaken for remuneration, often on a short to medium term basis, and not always within the same industry. Your job may or may not require specialised or additional education. Although you may perform your tasks in an exemplary manner, to the best of your ability, you may not necessarily be dedicated to or passionate about your job.

Your career is a specific field of endeavour, something about which you’re passionate and to which you’re dedicated, from beginning to end. You most certainly require specialised training and further formal studies, on conclusion of which, you’re deemed to have qualified and are recognised within your chosen industry as such.

You’ve made a profession of your career choice and only seek out opportunities within or allied to your chosen profession. Additionally, you may perhaps not stay with one organisation or hold only one position or job within it, but choose to change jobs and pursue new, different opportunities, whilst still remaining within your career field, which is your life’s occupational ambition. 


The speciality programmes offered at our academy are numerous, and the career opportunities once you’ve qualified and obtained your accreditations and memberships are many more. Just a few of these are indicated below.

  • Partnering with or working for photographers;
  • Doing make-up for magazines, make-over or image consultants in the fashion industry;
  • Special effects, airbrush artistry, make-up and prosthetics for stage, film or television;
  • Working in your field on a cruise liner;
  • Finding opportunities worldwide;
  • Formally employed or on a freelance basis;
  • Working with dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons or beauty/health spas; and
  • Opening your own business or salon.

Moreover, once you’re equipped with our top standard of education and training, you’re perfectly placed to create your very own make-up career opportunities.


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