The Importance of Hairstyling and Hairdressing as a Modern Fashion Accessory

Hairstyling vs. Hairdressing - Face to FaceUnless one intentionally shaves one’s scalp, has gone bald, has a disorder like alopecia, or has to undergo medical treatment that causes hair loss, most people have hair on the head. Fundamentally, head hair helps to protect the scalp from the elements and provides a degree of cushioning in the event of a bump or blow that may damage the scalp, skull, or brain.

Below we explore how hairstyling and hairdressing can act as a hair accessory and extension of personal style.

Fashion Statement

Hairstyling, although an ancient practice, and now sometimes influenced by activities and occupations that require a person to keep their locks out of the way, is mainly subject to the dictates of fashion. The style of one’s hair is typically a fashion statement. Very few women and men disregard prevailing hair fashions when adopting a new, fresh look.

Modern, cutting-edge hairdressers will invariably advise their clients accordingly. These professional stylists have the knowledge, training, and hairstyling skills to match the client’s face shape, hair type, and its growth patterns, as well as their individual lifestyle, preferences, and personality and a style for a special occasion.


In the big, competitive beauty industry, one finds such professional hairdressers who study hairdressing at colleges that offer occupation-specific academic and practical courses in all areas of their creative craft – such as treating, tinting, bleaching, colouring, high- or lowlighting, cutting, shaping, curling, straightening, and applying hair extensions. Students also extend their scope of their training by undergoing in-salon training as apprentices.

Focus on Styling

Additionally, there are beauty training academies, such as Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School, which train their learners in a specific hairstyling aspect – fast fashion hairstyling, which is designed to accomplish just that. It is not intended to equip the student to become a fully fledged, professional hairdresser.

However, the make-up artist or image consultant, equipped with a fast fashion hairstyling certificate, has a great deal more to offer her clients than others who do not possess her extended knowledge and training. She has the ability and skills to include her client’s crowning glory to perfect her look and sense of style.

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