Hairstlying Heritage

Known Roots of Hairstyling

Haairstyling - Face to Face™Irrespective of age, culture, creed, and personal preference, virtually every woman recognises the aesthetic importance and appeal of styling her crowning glory – her hair. Emphasis on hair and its styling is nothing new, but probably dates back well into prehistoric times, long before the ancient times of which scholars, archaeologists, and social anthropologists have found evidence and proof.

Way Back in Time

As happens so often, we must rely on the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to find the known origins of beauty-, cosmetic-, and hairdressing practices and fashions, because these ancient cultures recorded their lifestyles, habits, and priorities. Many of their records have survived. Additionally, many, if not most of our modern concepts have their roots in those that once belonged to the ancients.

Because Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up Design School includes fast, fashion hairstyling in a number of full-time and short modular courses, we will focus briefly on the interesting styling practices of women in ancient cultures.


Ancient Chinese women kept their tresses long, usually braided. Braids would be looped and twisted on top of the head, where various pins and other elaborate ornamental elements would be fixed in place.


Hairstyling fashions for women in ancient Egypt varied throughout the millennia, varying from short to long, braided, curled, or straight, with or without a fringe. Women of high status and wealth wore wigs with adornments.


The ancient Greeks left a legacy that is considered as classic today with their democracy and an ordered system of government, architecture, art, literature, philosophy, and style. Long, often braided tresses were taken back from the face and fixed into a loose bun, sometimes adorned with flowers, bands, or ribbons.


One might say that the Romans were rather obsessed with their locks and their styles. Fashions came and went, and they were numerous. Time spent on dressing locks displayed the measure of a woman’s wealth and social standing – the more exotic, the better.


Learn about fast, fashion hairstyling in Johannesburg. Add this skill to your repertoire by enrolling for a Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up course that enables you to provide your beauty clients with a welcome additional service.

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