Hairdressing Courses

Exemplary Beauty Courses which Include Fast Fashion Hairdressing

Although our exclusive beauty, make-up design and special effects academy focuses principally on the aspects mentioned, plus beauty therapy, fashion, aesthetics and prosthetics, hairdressing courses are included in the curricula of several of these programmes.

After completion of and graduation from certain of the courses which include a fast fashion hairdressing module, a diploma is issued, whilst completion of others is confirmed with the issuing of a certificate – a diploma being at a higher level than a certificate, for which study duration is typically shorter than in the former instance.

Courses which Include Hairdressing/Styling

• Fast Fashion Hairstyling, including Special Occasion Make-Up, is presented at a certificate level across eleven classes of four hour long sessions. This course was designed for those who wish to update their day, evening and bridal make-up skills, and serves as a complimentary offering to the course participant’s clients.

The hairdressing portion includes basics such as shampoo and conditioning, relaxing scalp massage, blow drying products and techniques with which to achieve various looks, roller setting and up-styles of hair for similar purposes.

• Styling and Aesthetics Technology requires eight months’ full-time study and also contains a fast fashion hairstyling module, Indian head massage and colour coding. On completion, a certificate is issued by our academy.

• Make-up Design and Aesthetics is a diploma course, spanning a one-year, full-time study period with a starting date in February each year. Fast fashion hairstyling subjects covered also include Indian head massage and colour coding.

It should be noted that the hair styling aspects of these courses focus on achieving fast fashionable looks and styles, and are not designed to enable the provision of comprehensive hairdressing services on a stand-alone, professional basis.

Influence and Importance of Hair

Throughout the ages, hair care and hair styles have been an integral part of beauty and fashion. No matter how well dressed, groomed and made up the person was (or is, today), the overall appearance is adversely influenced by the lack or absence of a fashionable hair style and clean, healthy and glossy hair.

As is usually the case when one looks for historical evidence, the earliest examples of styles and fashion trends pertaining to hair are to be found amongst the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, who kept records and made artefacts depicting prevailing fashions, practices and lifestyles. Those of other ancients civilisations failed to survive.

It was commonplace for ancient Egyptians to shave their heads and wear wigs. Affluent classes wore wigs made of human hair; commoners’ wigs were made of wool. Amongst the ancient Greeks, curly hair and ringlets were said to be the height of highly desired beauty.

The Romans were great admirers of all things Greek and often “borrowed” from them, particularly their architecture, philosophy, culture and fashions. Curls were sought after and Roman women also had their hair elaborately braided and styled by specially trained slaves, also often being seen with up-styles.

Find Out More

Our exclusive beauty academy is hosting an open day on 24 October 2015, which you’re welcome to attend in order to find out more about what you may expect when you enrol to qualify as a professional beauty practitioner, irrespective of whether you wish to include our hairdressing modules in your nationally and internationally accredited courses.


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