Why Make-up Artists Should Consider Hairdressing Courses

Why Make-up Artists Should Consider Hairdressing Courses

Hair is a powerful aspect of a person’s image. Your hairstyle can make you look professional, sloppy, sophisticated, or drab. The way a person decides to style their hair can say a lot about their personality, and it can contribute to a lasting first impression. Many make-up artists today are opting to take courses in hairdressing, because it automatically places them one step ahead of others in the field. In such a competitive industry, hairdressing courses can give you the edge and make clients more likely to choose you.

You Will Be the First Choice

Anyone who has gotten married, or gone to a function like a matric farewell, knows the dilemma of preparation time. It can take an immense amount of time to get from a hairdresser to a make-up artist (or vice versa), while being careful to not ruin the styling that has already been done. Having a hairdressing course behind your name will ensure that you, as a make-up artist, are the first pick. Someone who is able to do both make-up and hair has an invaluable skill set, which is in high demand for brides in particular. It is far easier to hire the services of one person who can do the job of two.

You Will Diversify Your Career with Hairdressing Courses

Some make-up artists are interested in working in the entertainment industry, which includes working on television and movie sets, doing make-up for advertisements, and styling celebrities. Having a hairdressing qualification increases your chances of being hired, and opens up the industry in a tremendous way. By fulfilling the role of both a hairstylist and make-up artist, you can expect better pay and more job offers.

You Have More to Offer

Working as a freelance make-up artist can be tough, but one way to rise above the competition is by marketing yourself well. Make-up artists with hairdressing certifications are able to market their combined skills. Consider what your target market will look like and how you are going to proceed. This can help you to develop packages that cater to the specific needs of clients. For example, a “Bridal Package” might include the hair and make-up of the bride and bridal party for a set amount, or you could market your hair styling packages separately. The options are endless.

In essence, doing hairdressing courses can make you more employable, increases your chances of a better income, and make you feel far more confident in your skills as a stylist. A double-certification is a great way to take your personal brand to a whole new level. Mastering basic hair styling techniques might even help you expand your career in a direction you never thought could be enjoyable. Industry experience is great, and if you are naturally good with hair it is a bonus, but a certification is one way to land the job of your dreams.

At Face To Face Beauty and Make-up Design School, we offer an affordable Fast Fashion Hairstyling course, which comes with an entry-level kit. This hairdressing course includes training in hair care, as well as basic techniques such as bridal hair styling, and hair curling and straightening methods.

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