Hair Styling Courses

Hair Styling

Hair Styling Courses Increase Make-Up Artists’ Menus of Services

Few beauty enhancements are as important to women as their hairstyles. You may be wearing a custom designed garment, professionally applied make-up, gorgeous, fashionable accessories and the latest pair of imported Italian shoes, but if your hair isn’t styled, you’re detracting from your overall appearance and self-confidence.

By the same token, you’ll look and feel just fine in your oldest pair of paint-spotted jeans and T-shirt, providing that your crowning glory is up to par. Nothing completes and complements an outfit, as does one’s hairstyle.

Cut is King

Although there may be exceptionally talented, highly dextrous people who have the ability to cut their own hair successfully, virtually all women rely on the training, skills and talent of qualified hairdressers for that all important cut – the foundation of all great styles.

Most modern shapes can only be achieved if hair is cut accordingly, particularly if the hairdo is to stay in place. Furthermore, a great haircut ensures that one can style one’s hair with ease at home, between visits to the salon.

Colour – Funky or Conservative

Beautiful hair is no longer the preserve of affluent, glamorous women and film stars, while housewives and working girls resign themselves to using supermarket- or pharmacy-bought home hair colours. Today, permanent or semi-permanent tints, highlights, natural-looking multicoloured shades and funky block colouring are all the rage, and within reach of every trendy lady.


Have you ever noticed how it seems that your stylist has the ability to create a marvellous hairdo with just a few touches here and flicks there, with no visible effort, whilst you may spend ages with rollers, brushes, combs, styling products, dryers and fixing sprays, to little avail?

Their secret weapons are training, the use of appropriate products and aids for your hair type and style, and most of all: technique – the know-how and the “how to” – methods and procedures which they’ve been taught and practiced repeatedly – hence their mastery of the techniques of their craft.

What to Expect from a Competent Hairstylist:

• Competence.

• Attention to detail.

• Confidence.

• An eye for detail and keen power of observation.

• Product knowledge.

• Trust. Remember that clients place an enormous amount of faith and trust in the stylist and her/his ability and training – trust which shouldn’t be betrayed.

• Analytical ability. Evaluate which shape and style would best suit and enhance the client’s face, body shape, personality, preferences, sense of style and lifestyle, while taking their hair type into account. Make realistic, but creative suggestions and recommendations accordingly.

• When styling for a special occasion or event, note should be taken of the function’s exact nature, time of day, degree of formality and what the client intends to wear.

• Good communication and interpersonal skills.

• Determine which hair colours complement the client’s skin tone.

• Make clients look and feel great, filled with the self-confidence which accompanies a beautiful head of hair.

Fast Fashion Hairstyling Courses

Although our beauty academy is not a formal school of hairdressing per se, we offer fast fashion styling courses, which enable make-up artists and others to complete and complement their clients’ looks by adding the most flattering hairdos, perfecting the picture. It’s an additional source of income and a sought-after, highly-valued service.



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