Fast Track the Path to Healing and Business Success with a Certification in Reflexology

Let’s be honest; is anybody NOT feeling stressed these days? Life is far more demanding than in the 80s and 90s. Finances, social media, political uncertainty, economic instability, processed diets, and high-pressure jobs, coupled with a lingering second Great Depression and the fear of catching COVID-19 can place anyone in a permanent state of anxiety.

Stress Causes Around 90% of Disease

According to medical research, stress causes around 90% of illness and diseases. Fear and anxiety not only cause havoc with the mind and colon, but it interferes with bodily processes. It does this by manifesting itself into body pains and aches, which is often confused with fibromyalgia. It also causes lethargy, high blood pressure, IBS, cardiovascular diseases, and insomnia. While many patients turn to Big Pharma for support, pills do not eradicate the problem but only masks it. As a result, healers and therapists suggest holistic approaches like exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, and reflexology.

An ancient 5000-year-old art originating from China and Egypt, reflexology is a touch therapy that works on the principle that every part of the body – organs and glands, nerves and tissue, bones, and ligaments – connects to a pressure point in the hands, feet, and ears. It teaches that the blockage of “chi” causes illness and diseases in the body and that the hands, feet, and ears mirror the organs.


Reflexology Helps the Body Heal Naturally

Reflexology helps the body naturally heal itself by applying pressure and massaging specific sites that stimulate energy flow. That touch and energy flow decreases cortisol levels, reducing anxiety and insomnia. It also relieves chronic pain and inflammation, preventing diseases and speeding up the healing process of acute to chronic illnesses recovery. Lastly, this ancient practice balances the body’s system and organs and improves the flow of “chi” into a specific unwell organ of the patient’s body.

Whether you would like to add this complementary therapy to your services or you’re looking to enter the wellness industry for the first time, get in touch with Face to Face Make-up and Beauty Design School. Nationally situated, we have a variety of short and long certifications and diplomas to get you on the path to healing and business success.

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