Eyes and Eyebrow Shaping

Eyes and Eyebrow Shaping

All About Eyes and Eyebrow Shaping

Eyes enable humans to see, observe, and evaluate, via their communication with the brain. They are equipped with lids and lashes, which help protect them from dust, the elements, contaminants, impact, and also debris. Eyes detect potential dangers, and help us convey expression and emotion to those around us.

It is no wonder that eyes feature prominently in famous songs, such as “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”, “Eye of the Tiger”, “Bette Davis Eyes”, “Private Eyes”, “Hungry Eyes”, “Can’t Take my Eyes off You”, and a veritable treasure trove of others.

What About Eyebrows?

However, there is virtually no mention of eyebrows in popular songs. No one seems to have been sufficiently impressed by eyebrows to write or compose songs about them, although eyebrows are involuntarily used in non-verbal communication, and have become a bigger focus in the fashion and beauty industry.

Despite the fact that most people do not get incredibly excited about eyebrows, they perform a few important functions. Eyebrows cushion the brow bone or ridge, which is more prominent and protruding in males. Brows also help to channel sweat and other liquids away from the eyes.

Aesthetically, eyebrows are extremely important. Your brows, if correctly shaped and coloured, enhance your entire appearance, adding definition to your face and your features. They also provide visual balance to facial proportions, while also framing the face and eyes.

The vital aesthetic part brows play is evident when you have no eyebrows, due to illness, medical treatments, over-plucking, or using other hair removal techniques excessively when reshaping brows according to the dictates of prevailing fashion trends. In cases like these, brow hair may simply stop growing back completely.

Tips for Eye-catching Brows and Shapes

The ideal eyebrow shape is different for each individual, although the most sought-after eyebrow shape is a gentle arch. Eyebrow shaping can be done by a skilled and trained beautician. They can neaten and improve your eyebrows, regardless of their natural shape.

  1. It is advisable to have your eyebrows shaping done by a competent beautician initially. Thereafter, it is easy to maintain the shape by plucking stray hairs yourself.
  2. Complete the eyebrow shaping process by filling in hair gaps with soft, brow pencil strokes, which can be blended, or with eyebrow powder, in a colour or shade that complements your complexion and hair colour. Beware of brows that are too dark or black, seeing as certain shades, that do not suit your complexion, can make brows look too harsh in comparison to the rest of your face.
  3. Alternatively, you may consider having your eyebrows tattooed or micro-bladed. These are two more permanent brow-defining solutions. Over time, these effects may fade somewhat, depending on how well your skin retains permanent make-up.

Pretty, clearly visible, and natural eyebrows are currently fashionable and always important. They complement your facial beauty and appearance. You do not have to invent phrases or compose songs about your eyebrows. All you have to do is simply keep them shaped, neat, and well-groomed.

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