Eyebrow Tinting and Shaping to Enhance the Eyes

Eyebrow TintingThrough various ages and at various stages, eyebrows have been given varying levels of aesthetic importance. Eyebrows are sometimes pale, powdered, and disguised, almost not there at all. They can also be prominent and bushy, and occasionally, over plucked to the extent that it will never grow back again properly, much to the distress of the eyebrow owner.

Physical and Physiological Factors

From a physical and physiological perspective, all human beings have eyebrows to help protect their brow bones, eye sockets, and eyes from being harmed through physical trauma, accidents, and agents that may introduce eye infections and damage.


If you have any doubt about the visual and aesthetic importance of your eyebrows, cover them with your hand and take a look at your entire face. Without eyebrows, your facial features and your entire face looks incomplete. Eyebrows frame the face, and lend it distinctive definition.

However, almost every eyebrow requires some grooming and improvement, for aesthetic reasons. Eyebrow improving techniques include shaping or reshaping by waxing or plucking away stray hairs that spoil the optimal brow line. The removal of stray brow hairs also opens up the eyes, giving them a wider, larger, and more attractive appearance.

Eyebrow Enhancing Techniques and Tints

Permanent make-up and other eyebrow enhancing techniques are popular nowadays. These include tattooing or the latest technique, which is micro blading. Both are permanent, but may fade somewhat over time. Alternatively, one may consider the application of an eyebrow pencil or powdered eyebrow make-up. Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent solution, which is quick and easy to repeat when required, particularly in the competent hands of a beautician or make-up artist trained by Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up Design School.

Eyebrow tinting allows you to select a brow colour that compliments your hair colour. With age, eyebrows become grey and may “disappear”. Tinting overcomes this problem. Irrespective of your age and personal style, eyebrow tinting gives brows a fuller, more natural, and healthier appearance than any other eyebrow technique. Do not neglect your eyebrows; your deserve beautifully tinted brows.

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