Eyebrow Shaping: The Top 2017 Trends

Whether you realise it or not, your brows speak volumes about your style. Just like hair, fashion, nails, and fake eyelashes, the eyebrows are important, especially in today’s world.

You’ve probably rocked more than one eyebrow shape in your life. While some woman love it thick and wild, others prefer it perfectly polished, with not a hair out of line. But then you get the everyday woman who buys a pair of great tweezers (which can be a nightmare to find), a brown or black pencil, and fills them in. Now, whether they are uneven or lopsided is a whole other story. But one thing we do know is that natural brows are like the LBD of arches, and while other fashions may come and go, we will always go back to natural brows. Whether you like yours thin or thick – here are the latest and greatest eyebrow trends of 2017.

Microblading Has Gone Mainstream


With bold arches on their way out, 2017 has witnessed a good solution to a beautifully natural, fuller brow, especially for those who have lost most of their brow hair from over plucking or alopecia. Going nowhere near as deep as a regular tattoo, microblading uses a sharp, non-vibrating tool with a tiny blade that deposits just enough pigment under the skin, to mimic hair-like strokes that leave behind a bold eyebrow shape. Microblading is a great solution for those who want to get their original eyebrow shape back. It is the perfect way to get natural-looking eyebrows, it looks 100% natural, and it’s not permanent. Expect this treatment to be a huge trend in 2018.


The Squiggle Eyebrow


If you’re a compulsive eyebrow plucker, like many women, you’re going to love this eyebrow shape. Possibly the strangest brow shape we’ve seen yet, some say that this eyebrow shape reminds them of a worm, a snake, or a wave. Whether you like it or hate it, this is one of the eyebrow shapes that are trending all over the latest catwalks, but we’re not sure how long it’s here to stay.


Brow Braids


If you thought you’ve seen it all, this eyebrow shape has to be one of the more “way out” trends of 2017. Although it looks like your brows have actually been braided, all you need to get this illusion right is an eyebrow pencil and some gel, and you’ll have a gorgeous pair of bold braided eyebrows in no time. A creative skill that takes minutes to complete, this brow looks stunning on just about every woman.


At Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School, we believe that the perfect brow is the ideal finish to a flawless makeup look, and as you can see, there are endless different eyebrow shapes. As one of the top international City & Guilds, ITEC, and CIDESCO accredited make-up and beauty schools, we can teach you all you need to know about eyebrow shapes through our short Saturday courses. Whether you’d like to learn how to keep your brows controlled, or you’re looking to add an assortment of eyebrow shapes to your portfolio, chat to us today.


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