Eyebrow Shaping: Two Modern Techniques for Women Over 40s

Eyebrow ShapingHave you just joined the over 40s club? They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but what they don’t say is that the eyes can also give away some of your best-kept secrets, like your current health status – and your age. Wistfully, as we age, so do our eyes, exposing all our fine lines, creases, and dark circles. If you’re feeling a little insecure about your age and those thin and over-plucked arches, you can do something about it. Keep people guessing your age with these two popular eyebrow-shaping techniques!





  1. Invasive Method: Micro-Blading

Women start with thick brows, but as they age, their hair and brows thin out. That paired with fine lines and wrinkles can easily give a woman’s age away. However, there is an eyebrow shaping technique that’s gone mainstream, and it’s called micro-blading. The solution for “over-pluckers” or those suffering from alopecia is micro-blading which uses a tiny blade that deposits pigment under the skin to mimic natural hair-like strokes, leaving behind a bold, thick, and youthful eyebrow shape.


  1. Makeup Method: Dark Eye Shadow

If you’ve gone from the bushy 80s, slender 90s, and the thin Y2K to today’s modern silky shapes, then by now, years of tweezing, plucking, and ageing have wreaked havoc on our arches. Many women choose micro-blading, but there are just as many who prefer shaping their brows with makeup. If you are the latter, do not fret, as we have a solution. Instead of drawing brows on your face with a pencil – which is outdated, by-the-way – use a dark, quality eye shadow powder. Unlike a thick pencil line, eye shadow clouds the thinning and grey areas, giving a more natural brow and a youthful appearance. Do not believe us – try it at home for yourself.

A natural, youthful, and bushy set of brows is as powerful as a mini-facelift. It has the power to knock years off a face. While these two shaping techniques will give you back those gorgeous bushy arches in seconds, do not forget that a healthy diet and lifestyle can take years off too.

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