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Eyebrow Shaping - Face to FaceEyebrow Shaping is Essential

At various stages and ages, almost invisible eyebrows were the in thing, the height of facial and make-up fashion. Brows have been thin and quite severe, courtesy of the heavy strokes of a sharp eyebrow pencil, or they are just very thin, barely there, and over-plucked. Beware of the latter, as over-plucked brows often do not grow back.

Sometimes, trends dictated that they should be straight. Other times, gently arched and fairly pronounced eyebrows were celebrated, and in some periods, they have simply been ignored, unattended and ungroomed, left to grow however they pleased. Nowadays, however, there is no excuse for unkempt, untidy, or completely misshapen brows, or even those that are too pale or patchy to enhance the face.

The human face naturally features hair growth above the eyes, on the brow bone, primarily to protect the eye. Because the brow bone protrudes a little (more in men), one assumes that eyebrows also cushion this protrusion. From a beauty and aesthetic point of view, they frame the face, giving it its shape and its facial features a visually structural definition.

Top Shaping Tips

  • Adjacent to the bridge of the nose, eyebrows should start in line with the outer nostril area, and finish in line with the same nasal position and the outer corner of the eye.
  • A gentle, arched brow is always flattering.
  • If possible, avoid plucking above the brow line, unless this is unavoidable. Previously plucked hairs sometimes grow back in strange directions.
  • Plucking or waxing of wayward hairs below the main brow line opens up the eyes, giving the appearance of a more youthful, wide-eyed visage.
  • Pale brows may be tinted and/or enhanced with feathery strokes of a soft pencil or the application of powder.

At our beauty and make-up design school, we recommend that you have your professional shaping done by a qualified make-up artist, who knows all the finer points of beautiful brows and shaping them. Thereafter, it is simple and easy to keep them neat and well-shaped at home.

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