Eyebrow Shapes

Helping Your Clients Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Their Faces

It is a well-known fact in the beauty and cosmetics industry that the eyebrow shape can change how the face shape looks. Like haircuts, eyebrow shapes are not one-size-fits-all. Your client’s brows depend on the dimensions of her face. The perfect arch can not only emphasise her eyes, but also help make her appear younger. With the perfect brow, your client may even get away with wearing less eye make-up.

The right eyebrow shape will help open up the entire eye area, working to improve the face’s overall symmetry. This can help your client look fresh and rested, healthy and younger, and overall more attractive. So how do you go about determining your client’s perfect eyebrow shape? For starters, your client’s unique face shape will heavily determine which eyebrow shape works best for her.

Here are a few classic face shapes and the types of eyebrows that work best with them.

  • The Square Jaw

A square jaw accents the face’s angularity. This leads to softly rounded brows being the best route to follow. Make sure that the brows aren’t too angular, while at the same time being wary of making brows appear to be too round. The last thing you want to do is over-pluck your client’s brows and create rainbow-shaped brows.


  • The Round Face

If your client has a round face, you want to ensure that her brows are angular. Due to a lack of definition in rounder faces, perfectly angled brows can bring out and define the facial bone structure that might be lacking or not be present at all. Higher arches are also more flattering with rounder faces.


  • The Long Face

A long face is often characterised by features that are quite vertically stretched out. In this instance, it is necessary to extend the brows’ tails from east to west, playing up the horizontal features. Even though it is also recommended that the tails of brows extend beyond the corner of the eye, a long face’s brows should always have tails that are extended a bit longer.


  • The Heart-Shaped Face

Even though bold brows have been making waves this season, a heart-shaped face is always better off steering clear of this trend. Because of the petite jaw line and the emphasis on the upper portion of the face, it is necessary to keep brows well-groomed at all times. Create a shape that is controlled, but never bushy.


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