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According to a popular saying, your eyes are the windows to your soul. If so, then one may conclude that the eyebrows are the frames of the windows. Indeed, their form either enhances the eyes and their shapes, or alternatively, may detract from their aesthetic appeal and balance. A single pair of eyes may have markedly different shapes, but by shaping brows identically, such variations are minimised.

First Impression

There is absolutely no doubt that eyes are usually one of the first facial features that people notice first, irrespective of whether the owner of the eyes is a complete stranger or a familiar face, because eye contact is important in many cultures. Conversely, a consistent failure to make direct eye contact is seen as shifty, unreliable, and possibly dishonest, or indicates that the person has something to hide.


Eyes and brows are certainly expressive, often inadvertently, indicating a host of feelings, moods, and emotions like pain, pleasure, love, hurt, anger, empathy, understanding, sympathy, displeasure, disgust, aversion, fear, compassion, happiness, and sheer joy. One cannot really divorce eyes from their brows; they go together.

Thus, eyebrow shaping is or should be an integral part of one’s beauty routine and grooming regimen, because they form part of one’s most important, expressive facial features.

Making Brow Care a Breeze

Taking care of eyebrows by shaping them and maintaining their shape and colour yourself, in between visits to a beauty salon, is quick, simple, and easy if you have initially had them attended to by a professional make-up artist.

After having your brows perfected professionally by a competent beautician, this vital component of looking your best, with and without make-up, is a breeze. At Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up Design School, we offer several courses that feature professional eyebrow shaping as a subject – our part-time, short Skin Care and Eye Therapy module, plus our full-time, more extensive courses, such as Make-Up Design and Styling Technology, Beauty and Fashion, as well as Advanced Beauty and Fashion.

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