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Unless you have a modelling or photographic assignment, or are appearing in a theatre, film or television production in which stage or spot lighting is used extensively, your day make-up should be lighter and considerably different from that which you apply for evening or special occasion wear.
Applying make-up for day or night is now an art form and a science, a far cry from the hit or miss attempts which belied the attempts of many a woman just a few generations ago, when cosmetic ranges were limited and products were often rather unsophisticated.

Yesterday’s Basics

At the beginning of the 20th century, wearing make-up was viewed as a sign of having suspect morals, something “decent” women simply didn’t do. However, by the end of the First Wold War, post war euphoria and advent of films changed this perception.

Nevertheless, relevant information, knowledge and training weren’t readily available and accessible to virtually everyone, unlike today. Most women went without on a daily basis, only applying the basics – face powder, rouge, lipstick, and perhaps a little bit of mascara and eyebrow pencil – for a really special event.

Mascara consisted of a small solid block of colour (usually black), and a tiny applicator brush, resembling a toothbrush, but with a single row of bristles. The brush was moistened, rubbed across the block and then applied to the eyelashes in order to transfer colour onto them, making lashes appear darker and more prominent. Brow pencils were usually black or brown and not particularly soft.

Rouge, the forerunner of blushers, was typically a creamy product, although many women took a short cut by using a little blended-in lipstick to impart a bit of colour to their cheeks. Each beauty product house had its own range of lipsticks, which also tended to be somewhat basic.

The invention of lipstick characteristics such as “long lasting”, “non-transferring”, “extra moisture”, “non-feathering”, “lip gloss” and “lip plumping” were still years into the future.

Buying face powder in those days was quite a complex undertaking. At the retail counters of high-end cosmetic houses, trained consultants would blend one’s face powder to the required shade, after which the product was decanted into a round container, from which it was applied with a soft powder puff, in order to prevent the dreaded “shine”.

Professional make-up artistry and training opportunities were scarce and for most women, virtually unheard of – something the founding of our make-up college in 1965 sought to address.

Latest Information, Techniques, Knowledge and Practical Training

Our highly reputable beauty, make-up design and special effects academy offers comprehensive education and training across the aesthetics spectrum, whether you wish to make a career in one or more of the beauty disciplines, or merely hone your present make-up skills for your own everyday cosmetic application.

Purpose of Day Make-up

The main purpose of day make-up serves to enhance your natural beauty, especially your most attractive features, whilst minimising or concealing those which are less than perfect. For most women, it’s part of good grooming, making them feel as good and confident as they look.

Full or Part Time

Contact our enrolment registrar for an appointment to discuss which of our full- or part-time courses best suit your requirements – building a career in beauty or honing your skills in day, night and special occasion make-up.


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