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Expert Corrective Make-up Techniques and Tips

Your make-up clients place their trust in you to help them make the most of what they have. When someone comes to you for corrective make-up solutions, you are charged with helping them use new make-up products and techniques to hide certain flaws that they might be sensitive about. Should you do a good job, the good word-of-mouth referrals alone can be worth their weight in gold, not to mention the repeat business you are sure to enjoy.

So let us take a closer look at some great corrective make-up techniques that can help you make your clients shine, while also setting yourself apart as an in-demand make-up artist in a crowded marketplace. As a make-up technique that makes use of light and dark shades and colours to highlight and contour your client’s face, you can create the illusion of better balance and proportion.

How can Corrective Make-up Benefit your Client?

You can use corrective techniques on your client to make a narrow top lip appear to be fuller, or to work with unequal eyebrows and provide them with a more symmetrical appearance. When using this technique, keep these tips in mind:

  • Highlighting is very useful for emphasising a feature.
  • Shadowing can minimise a feature and make it less noticeable.
  • Blend the make-up to create a seamless transformation between corrected areas.

What supplies do you need when preparing for a corrective make-up session? Depending on the areas you intend to work with, you might require a wider selection of make-up and supplies, including:

  • Concealers in several shades.
  • Lip lining pencils in light, medium and dark.
  • Various foundations of colours and shades.
  • Light to dark eye shadows and eyeliner pencils, including greys and browns.

Learn Corrective Make-up Techniques from the Experts

Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School is the specialist training academy in beauty, make-up design and special effects in South Africa with the longest history. From the start, we have trained thousands of make-up and beauty professionals across South Africa, many of whom have gone on to achieve local and international success. We provide our students with a solid foundation in all the best practices and latest principles in make-up design, beauty and fashion.

Our academy also prepares you for a life as a professional in the industry by bringing insights from real working professionals into the training courses. With a history dating back to 1965, we continue to set the standard in the beauty and make-up training sector in South Africa. We provide training and qualifications in accordance with recognised national and international requirements.

All academic staff is thoroughly trained. They are made up from the most accomplished industry professionals in South Africa, skilled at using the most current techniques and skills. Bringing this level of interaction from working professionals into the training process further provides all our students with the firm foundations they need to pursue a successful and lucrative career in make-up design and beauty. Learn the ins and outs of corrective make-up and other techniques from the best in the industry with Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School.

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