Image is Important to Everyone, Consider Image Consultancy

You do not have to be well-known and instantly recognisable to strangers to be a person who is mindful of their image, and accordingly, consults a professional image consultant. You may simply want a change in the way you look and present yourself, or you may need to find a style that suits you, so you seek the help of an independent, objective image specialist.

When Image is Everything

It is often said that image means everything to a person with celebrity status. This is undoubtedly true. When one is famous, and well-known for an achievement, fans, detractors, the media, and the world are always watching in admiration or in anticipation of failure or bad publicity. To a celebrity, their image is their public persona.


Image Consulting Defined

To an extent, this is also true of anyone who sets foot out of their home, goes to work, goes shopping, and dresses and seeks to develop their own, signature style, one with which they are comfortable and are able to identify with. The role of an image consultant is defined by the Image Consulting Business Institute as:

“Image consulting is a profession wherein clients hire an Image Consultant to evaluate, enhance, improve, update, or upgrade their appearance to ensure that their image is consistent or congruent with their personal, social and/or professional roles and goals – with what they want to accomplish in life”.


Types of Image Consultancy

Some consultants specialise in certain aspects of image, whether it is etiquette, fashion and style, colour analysis, public speaking, voice training, deportment, beauty, or make-up. Image consultants’ services may be required by companies, such as airlines, banks, and corporates, who want their personnel to portray a certain brand image.


Aesthetic Appeal

Private individuals, who need to develop and define their own style and look that complements their features and minimises their “flaws”, will also hire an image consultant. These are ordinary people, who care about their appearance, and wish to enhance the image they portray. A few sessions with an image consultant also builds and enhances one’s self confidence, because you have learned to look as good as you feel.

Whether you like it or not, your image is a vital part of creating that all-important, lasting first impression, so it is worthwhile to make this enduring impression a great one. This is why we offer a short course in image consulting at Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School, our leading training institute of all disciplines related to beauty and aesthetics.


Image Consultancy Course Content

  • Face Shapes: eyewear, hairstyles, make-up, and accessories.
  • Colour: general, human colouring, psychology of colour, and determination of clients’ seasons (summer, spring, winter, and autumn).
  • Figure analysis: measurements, accentuating good features while disguising problem areas, and fashion dictionary.
  • Wardrobe Planning: laying out, clothing capsules, and more.

Face to Face’s short course in image consultancy includes day, evening, and special occasion make-up too, because every woman wants to look and feel really special, hopefully with the help of a trained image consultant, when attending such an eagerly anticipated, meaningful occasion or event.

Our certificate course consists of 10 x 3.5-hour sessions, designed to teach you the fundamentals of body language, appearance, and image. Once completed successfully, you are ready and able to assist your clients, as a Face to Face trained image consultant.

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