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Our prestigious top beauty and make-up design training academy situated at two campuses, one each in Johannesburg and on the near West Rand in Roodepoort, has built up a solid reputation for the high standard of our educational programs since our inception in 1965.

Today, we are still building on this proud record by constantly upgrading and updating our make-up training, products, technologies and therapies from our headquarters at the Parktown, Johannesburg campus. In fact, ours is the longest standing facility of its kind in South Africa.

Ever Changing Face 

Literally and figuratively, the face of make-up is constantly changing. Not only are new products regularly being launched, but existing, enduring items are improved upon in order to keep up with the times, as scientists discover and invent more and better ingredients and products. Moreover, cosmetic styles are subject to change with exactly the same frequency as high fashion clothing trends.

Current eye make-up fashion illustrates another tendency. Eyeliner extended beyond the upper outer corners of the eyes, giving a cat’s eye slant, coupled with brightly coloured eye shadow, which became fashionable in the late 1950s and extended into the 60s, has reappeared again.

It is possible that the late and very popular singer, Amy Winehouse, may have been a leading influence in the re-emergence of this trend, much as actress Elizabeth Taylor had inspired swept up black eyeliner in her starring role in the film entitled “Cleopatra.”

Other icons of the silver screen that epitomised this look included Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. Soon, the super model, Twiggy, would change all this. Her “Mod London look” became all the rage. Faces were pale, as were lips, and all focus was on the eyes, particularly lashes.

Centuries before the Swinging Sixties 

Much of what is known today about make-up in ancient times has been gleaned from the ancient Egyptians. Although they may not have been the first to adopt the use of cosmetics, so many of their artefacts and writings were preserved, which serve as factual proof of their practices.

Amongst these people, eye make-up enhanced beauty, had religious or ritualistic significance and more practically, black eyeliner warded off sunlight and kept pests and flies away. Green shadow, made of powdered malachite, enhanced the appearance and provided a measure of protection against infection.

Modern Training 

The courses we offer include full and part time studies. On completion of the latter, certificates are issued, whilst the former are diploma courses, nationally and internationally accredited. Whether you objective is improving your skills for your own daily use or building a career for yourself in this creative discipline, you will receive top standards of make-up training at our Johannesburg and Roodepoort colleges


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