Getting a Career in Image Consultancy

Getting a Career in Image Consultancy

In our modern day and age, image is not something that can be overemphasised. From your digital footprint on social media, to how you present yourself in the workplace, the way you style yourself can tell outsiders a lot about who you are. It is no wonder that image consultants are in high demand. Image consultancy plays a significant role in the professional and entertainment industry, and those who are good at it can have interesting and well-paying careers. At Face To Face Beauty and Make-up Design School, we offer an Image Consultancy course that aims to train stylists in the following areas:

Face Shapes

Everyone individual’s face has a different shape. These shapes range from round to oval and square, and can affect the way jewellery, hairstyles, and make-up look on a person. Understanding facial shapes can help an image consultant steer their client in the right direction in terms of their hair, make-up, accessories, and even eyebrows. Because a specific hairstyle and make-up look can carry a lot of weight in terms of how the final look, with the outfit, comes together. Getting this first one right is imperative.


Colour is a huge factor in styling, one that may easily be overlooked. A lot of people may not know it, but your skin tone and the colours you choose to wear, both influence how people perceive you. If you have a cool skin tone, you may do yourself a disservice by wearing a gold dress with bronze blush, as this look will most likely “drown you out” and leave you looking more like a clown than a Greek goddess. Colour is also important, as it has a psychological effect on those around you. A bold, black power suit can make you seem like you are in control or unapproachable, while a pink summer dress might soften your features and cause people to think of you as fun and friendly.

Figure Analysis

Analysing a client’s figure adds to the science behind creating an illusion in an outfit. People have different body types and often, also have features they would like to hide or accentuate. When being trained in figure analysis, you will learn how to take accurate measurements, figure out your client’s body type, and disguise disproportions and accentuate their good points. You will also be trained in the correct fashion terms to use when in professional settings.

Other Skills to Learn

Some of the other skills that our Image Consultancy course offers, include wardrobe planning and body language, as well as day, evening, and special occasion make-up training.

Image consultancy is a fast-paced, growing field, in which it pays to have a certification behind your name. Face to Face Beauty and Make-up Design School is the longest established beauty and make-up design school in South Africa, and offers accredited qualifications that meet local and international requirements. If you are interested in our Image Consultancy course, contact us today for more information.

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