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How to Use Camouflage Make-Up to Cover Up Your Clients’ Flaws

Everyone has a few so-called flaws that they would like to cover up, and let’s face it, that’s why many of your clients turn to you. Whether it is red spots, scars, or other skin irregularities, your clients may come at you with a variety of skin imperfections that they want your magic make-up brush to make disappear. Fortunately, camouflage make-up makes it easier than ever to cover up physical imperfections, giving your client the perfectly clear and smooth complexion they pay you for.

There are many different liquid foundations available on the market. Whichever high-quality concealer you choose to use, it can easily conceal and cover just about any type of skin discolouration, including melisma, vitiligo, birthmarks and other scars. It can also cover tattoos, should your client need to go bare arms for a special occasion, such as an awards ceremony or a wedding.

As a skin therapist and make-up artist, your job is to create the appearance of vibrantly healthy skin. There are several techniques you can include in your arsenal to make any face appear flawlessly beautiful. The first step to achieving a smooth palette is to find a balance between the concealer and foundation. The concealer’s thick consistency comes with dense pigmentation, and these types of products can be used in a variety of camouflage make-up situations.

Concealer Needs to Match Skin Tone

The rule of thumb is that the concealer needs to match the skin tone, and that it is applied to random spots and imperfections on the face with a concealer brush, or on larger areas using a foundation brush. Should the concealer not go on smoothly, it might be necessary to prepare the skin with a primer. There are many products available on the market that treat the skin, while also prepping it for make-up application.

After covering the discoloured areas with the concealer, it’s time to apply a liquid foundation to your client’s entire face. This is just a basic introduction on how camouflage make-up can help you cover up your client’s imperfections and help them shine radiantly at any event. At Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School, we help our make-up artist students to learn all the latest methods and techniques to help their clients stand out from the crowd.

Why Choose Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School?

As the longest established specialist training academy in beauty, make-up design and special effects in South Africa, we offer expert and comprehensive courses in make-up design and artistry, beauty and fashion, and health and skincare. With more than 50 years of training in the industry, we are firmly established as a premier training academy in our field.

We remain committed to excellence and to exceptional high standards in our training, and continue to lead the way forward in our industry. We offer leading recognised and accredited qualifications in the beauty industry, in accordance with all national and international requirements. Contact us to learn more about our courses, and for expert advice on how to use camouflage make-up to its full potential on your clients.

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