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Modern Brides and their Make-Up

Today, it’s rare to encounter a bride who does her own make-up on her wedding day, undoubtedly the most eagerly anticipated, long-awaited special day of her entire life thus far. Once upon a time, utilising the expertise of a professional bridal make-up artist was the exception. Now this practice is so popular that it has virtually become the modern bride’s rule.

There’s more to using the services of a bridal make-up specialist than what initially meets the eye. While it’s true that every girl wants to be beautiful, look her best, take her groom’s breath away and leave the guests commenting on her radiance, the art of bridal cosmetic application is quite different from that of other special occasions.

Competition and what Gives One the Edge

Before we investigate some of these differences and unique characteristics, it’s worth pausing a moment to gain clarity about the specialised artist, her/his skills and training – issues which differentiate one from one’s peers and competitors.

Due to the demand for the services of bridal make-up artists, there are hosts of opportunities to find work in this field – girls are getting married all the time. However, this selfsame demand for what has become a universal trend means that competition is on the increase.

In a fast paced, highly-competitive market, the aspirant artist would do well to ensure that she/he obtains the best, most comprehensive qualification from the best possible beauty school. When you enter a challenging field, your alma mater may just be the very factor which sets you apart and gives you the edge over competitors.

Make-Up for Modern Stars of the Day

Most girls wear white, ivory or pastel coloured gowns on their wedding day. Even if the lady prefers a dramatic look in the style of her dress, her overall appearance is soft, subtle and ultimately feminine.

Her femininity is enhanced by the pale, soft shade of her dress and the presence of flowers – in her bouquet, possibly in her hair, in the venues for the ceremony and the reception, and as table decorations or incorporated in centrepieces.

Heavy cosmetic application and colours which are too dark or harsh detract from her pure, feminine appearance, since the contrast between her face and gown is too strong and extreme. Bridal make-up should present a naturally beautiful appearance, enhancing the bride’s best features and playing down those which may be less flattering.

The artist may be required to conceal flaws, marks and scars, whilst contouring the face to improve its shape and bone structure. Left in the hands of an amateur, achieving success with such specialised techniques might be impossible.

It takes a professionally trained bridal make-up artist to achieve the optimal result, using as much product as is needed in order to impart natural beauty, which appears as though the application was minimal or negligible.

Old but Interesting Bridal Traditions

• Fragrant bouquets helped to conceal body odour. In the northern hemisphere, an annual bath might be taken in summer – hence their preference of girls becoming “June brides”.

• In times of yore, the bride and her bridesmaids donned similar attire in order to confuse evil spirits which might wish to harm her.

• A veil was said to keep evil spirits at bay, with an additional advantage. When marriages were arranged by the families of both parties, the couple met for the first time at the wedding ceremony. Her face was covered, a measure which would hopefully prevent the groom from refusing to wed her if he was displeased with her appearance, in which case her parents would be required to repay the dowry.

However, perhaps with a little assistance of a skilled and professionally trained bridal make-up artist, today’s brides are all lovely, desired by their grooms and admired by the family and guests attending the wedding.


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