Bridal Make-Up Tips

The Top 3 Bridal Make-Up Tips for Your Big Day

He finally popped the golden question you’ve so patiently waited for, and now you’re finally going to be a bride. You’ve found your dream partner, you’ve found the perfect church and reception venue, you’ve found the most elegant, romantic dress you’ve ever seen in your life, and you’ve also found a beautiful silk chiffon veil. Now, what about your bridal make-up?

If there is one day that you need to be the most beautiful, it’s your wedding day, and not only do you want to look absolutely flawless, but you also want to take your future husband’s breath away. All eyes will be on you, and your face will be in every photograph and in everyone’s memory for years to come. But fear not, because we’re here to help you look and feel drop-dead gorgeous on the most important day of your life. Here are three very important bridal make-up tips to make your Big Day one to remember.

#1 Look Blushingly Gorgeous with 50 Shades of Pastel Pinks

Are you crazy about glossy pink lips and pinched rosy cheeks? While 2017’s bridal catwalk sported fire engine red lips, smokey eyes, and white eyeliner, this year, the bridal runway has taken it down to pastel pinks. Your natural beauty should shine through on your Big Day with glowing skin, pinched flushed cheeks, and just-been-kissed, fresh-bitten lips. Make sure to keep your foundation light, so your skin can glow while your champagne pink eyes, pink bow cheeks, and rose lips smoulder.

#2 Use Loose Powder Instead of Heavier Pressed Powder

It’s every bride’s nightmare to sport a sweaty, oily face on their Big Day, but you also want to avoid looking like a powdered doughnut. First and foremost, avoid using a heavy pressed powder and instead opt for a light loose powder. Firstly, you don’t want to hide your gorgeous skin, and secondly, a loose powder can be used throughout the day, without giving you that “caked-up” make-up look. At Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School, we believe that you should let your beauty shine through without looking like a glazed doughnut, and fine dusting with a loose powder will do the trick.

#3 Do a Pre-Wedding Make-Up Trial

Unfortunately, many women forget the importance of a pre-wedding make-up trial – thinking that they can just wing it on their Big Day. Well, this is one of those days where winging it can end up being a huge fail. A pre-wedding make-up trial is a brilliant opportunity to try out different looks, as well as to try out your make-up artist. If you want an elegant and natural make-up style where you actually look and feel like yourself, then not only will you get to see what you will look like on your Big Day, but you will also be assured that you will not be walking down the aisle looking contoured and caked up.

And there you have it – your bridal make-up doesn’t have to come with drama and tears. Follow the bridal make-up tips above, and you’ll be picture-perfect on the most important day of your life.


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