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Although the officially registered name of our beauty and make-up design school appears to focus on these very disciplines – at least at first glance – our variety of curricula and training programmes encompass so much more. We’re also a fully recognised and accredited special effects and body therapy college.

Today, unlike two or three generations ago, body therapy is an integral part of beauty, health and skin care, as well as overall physical wellbeing. Whereas previously each aspect of beauty was largely regarded and treated on a stand-alone basis, modern therapists and beauticians are increasingly taking a holistic approach to all things related to that which constitutes true beauty.

We do so too, hence the inclusion of body therapy courses in our college’s selection of comprehensive training programmes, which also include such interesting and highly creative subjects such as prosthetics, the use of bald caps, ageing techniques and the creation of realistic looking, yet artificial wounds.

Widely Employed Holistic Approach

Even amongst the host of modern medical specialities on offer nowadays, one also finds that a holistic view prevails; no part of the human body is seen in isolation, but rather as that which it truly is, an integral part of the whole being and body in its entirety.

Advanced science, knowledge, technology and techniques enable modern specialists to diagnose problems more accurately than was previously possible, identify diverse symptoms which may at first appear to be totally unrelated, address the cause (the root) of the problem and treat the symptoms effectively, holistically and therapeutically, wherever possible.

Cure Versus Therapy and Symptoms

Therapy itself, per se, does not constitute a cure. However, when applied correctly, it’s highly effectual in improving a person’s condition, quality of life and appearance. The very nature of effective therapy lies in its ability to treat, alleviate and relieve the physical symptoms through which problem conditions manifest their presence.

Symptoms may include a host of signs that something is amiss, ranging from rashes and skin conditions, chronic or acute aches and pains, stiffness, joint or muscle pain, poor skin tone and poor circulation, to lassitude and general fatigue, all of which are indicative of either an obvious or an underlying problem.

Most Appropriate College Courses

If you pass your examinations at the end of each year, it’ll take you three years of full-time study to complete your entire body therapy course at our prestigious academy.

However, a diploma is issued to successful learners on conclusion of each year’s work, which is invaluable if you need to interrupt your studies for any reason, and also because you may only enrol for the second and third year providing the previous year has been concluded successfully.

The Edge Over Competitors

• Our college is the longest established institute of its kind in South Africa.
• We’re nationally and internationally accredited, currently offering more than 50 years of experience and expertise to our students.
• Lecturers and trainers are all specialists within their own fields.
• Exceptional staff-to-learner ratio.
• Training incorporates the latest techniques.
• Choice of two campuses.

Book an appointment with our enrolment registrar or keep an eye on our website to ascertain the dates of open college days, which prospective students are invited to attend. You’ll see for yourself why there’s no better body therapy college at which to begin your career.


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