Beautiful Brides and Their Wedding Make-Up

Wedding Makeup - Face to FaceMake-up is no longer something that is only worn on high days and holidays or only by celebrity figures, even though society’s attitudes towards wearing cosmetic products has chopped and changed at various times through the ages and in various cultures.

Your Own Reflexology Practice

Your Own Reflexology Practice - Face to FaceStarting a reflexology practice is a wonderful way to begin a small business that largely revolves around helping and treating people holistically. You can initially operate from your own home or small salon. It does not take much space to set up a treatment area.

Hairstlying Heritage

Known Roots of Hairstyling

Haairstyling - Face to Face™Irrespective of age, culture, creed, and personal preference, virtually every woman recognises the aesthetic importance and appeal of styling her crowning glory – her hair. Emphasis on hair and its styling is nothing new, but probably dates back well into prehistoric times, long before the ancient times of which scholars, archaeologists, and social anthropologists have found evidence and proof.

Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology – More than a Massage

Reflexology Treatment - Face to Face™Overall, reflexology is an alternative and holistic, non-invasive treatment and therapy, intended to help the body and its systems function more optimally when compromised. It involves stimulating and manipulating designated pressure points on the feet, and may also incidentally provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Making The Most With Wedding Make-up

Wedding Make-Up Makes the Most of Bridal Beauty

Wedding Make-up - Face to FaceIn all likelihood, today’s bride-to-be is a very busy lady. She fulfils numerous roles every day. She earns a living as a working woman, building her career, or she may be studying towards a qualification that will secure her future in the workplace. Our future bride is well-groomed and uses cosmetics daily, before leaving home.

Demand for Wedding Make-Up

Wedding Make-Up - Face to Face Beauty & Design SchoolBlushing Brides and Wedding Make-Up

As the day of your marriage draws nearer, you’ve undoubtedly made umpteen important decisions and arrangements. You’ve had to remember a host of things and their deadlines, ensuring that every aspect of your big day is perfect, in place, and confirmed. You’ve been a very busy girl, even if you have also engaged a wedding planner and/or coordinator.

Reflexology Fundamentals & Benefits

Reflexology - Face to Face Beauth & Makeup Design SchoolEnduring Benefits of Reflexology

Across the world, there is an awareness that history tends to repeat itself across all walks of life. Fashions, trends, tendencies, beliefs, and the popularity of old or ancient treatments, therapies, and remedies come and go, only to return again in a never-ending cycle of repetition.

Easy Hair Styling

Hair Styling - Face to Face Beauty and Makeup Design SchoolHandling Hair Styling with Ease

There is an experience that all women have in common – having a bad hair day. Perhaps tresses simply won’t do what’s expected of them, or someone has bought a special outfit for a really special occasion, but the arrangement of her crowning glory lets her down, and doesn’t suit the outfit, the occasion, or her overall look, one which she’s envisioned right from the word “go”.

More About Reflexology

reflexologyDemystifying Reflexology

There is nothing at all that is mysterious or mystical about reflexology. It is merely a non-invasive alternative treatment and therapy, which is based on ancient knowledge and medicinal practices, as well as theories and principles that are linked to a body’s reflexes.

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