Getting a Career in Image Consultancy

Getting a Career in Image Consultancy

In our modern day and age, image is not something that can be overemphasised. From your digital footprint on social media, to how you present yourself in the workplace, the way you style yourself can tell outsiders a lot about who you are. It is no wonder that image consultants are in high demand. Image consultancy plays a significant role in the professional and entertainment industry, and those who are good at it can have interesting and well-paying careers. At Face To Face Beauty and Make-up Design School, we offer an Image Consultancy course that aims to train stylists in the following areas:

Why Make-up Artists Should Consider Hairdressing Courses

Why Make-up Artists Should Consider Hairdressing Courses

Hair is a powerful aspect of a person’s image. Your hairstyle can make you look professional, sloppy, sophisticated, or drab. The way a person decides to style their hair can say a lot about their personality, and it can contribute to a lasting first impression. Many make-up artists today are opting to take courses in hairdressing, because it automatically places them one step ahead of others in the field. In such a competitive industry, hairdressing courses can give you the edge and make clients more likely to choose you.

Beauty Therapy College Johannesburg

Looking for a Beauty Therapy College in Johannesburg? Look No Further

If you are looking for a career in beauty and make-up, dream of becoming a stylist for the stars, or want to work on a cruise liner and travel the world? Our courses may be right for you.

Bridal Make-up

Bridal Make-up Blunders and How to Avoid Them:

Getting married is stressful. You essentially have to juggle planning the event, calling the shots on every small detail, and carefully tiptoeing around aunt Petunia’s feelings when deciding on the seating arrangements.

Lash Tinting

Frame the Windows to Your Soul with Brow and Lash Tinting

We have all been there. You wake up late and are in such a rush, that your daily make-up routine is done half-heartedly at best. You arrive at work, only to check your reflection in the rear-view mirror, only to realise that you have not applied any mascara – the one cosmetic your face looks naked without. You might even get a few comments about how tired or ill you look.


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