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Although we are told that much of your lasting beauty does come from within, that does not mean that your outer appearance and beauty is excluded, or should be neglected. When you are unhappy, in pain, fearful, ill, angry, or emotional, it does show immediately in the eyes and face, temporarily affecting a normally pleasing visage. There is no doubt that a person’s outer appearance also speaks volumes about the person within.

How to Find a Great Beauty School in Gauteng

Gauteng and its largest city, Johannesburg, is the economic hub of South Africa. It is the most densely populated province and city.  Consequently, offering more schools and institutes for education and training than other provinces and cities countrywide. As always, when the demand is there, so is the supply.

Eyes and Eyebrow Shaping

Eyes and Eyebrow Shaping

All About Eyes and Eyebrow Shaping

Eyes enable humans to see, observe, and evaluate, via their communication with the brain. They are equipped with lids and lashes, which help protect them from dust, the elements, contaminants, impact, and also debris. Eyes detect potential dangers, and help us convey expression and emotion to those around us.

Beauty Therapy School

Exceptional South African Beauty Therapy School

“Beauty therapist” and “beautician” are both titles, which refer to or broadly describe two occupations within the diverse beauty field, although many people use these two terms interchangeably. Amongst some, there is a difference, although sometimes subtle, while others are of the opinion that no difference exists.

Make Up Tips

Make-up Trends and Tips

Make-up and the use of cosmetics are no longer reserved for really special occasions, as was the case until the 1950s became the Swinging Sixties, when iconic leaders in fashion like Mary Quant surfaced, models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy were household names, and the make-up trends that reflected this era became popular.


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