Studying Make-Up Artistry

Make Up ArtistryHow and Where Make-Up Artistry Dreams Come True

As a person who has a passion for the amazing transformation that can be achieved by the artistic application of make-up, how often do you wish that you had the ability to do likewise? Make-over reality shows on TV only broadcast a small part of the odd make-up technique, certainly not enough to train or educate you in the finer points of make-up artistry.

Hair Styling & Hair Dressing

Hairstyling vs. Hairdressing

Hair Styling Versus Hair Dressing


It does not matter how well you are dressed, which exclusive designer labels you are sporting, which make-up artist attends to your make-up, how much your expensive bespoke jewellery cost, which car you drive, or how you earn your income and spending money – if your hair, your crowning glory, is out of sorts on a bad hair day, and your crown appears to have lost its former glory, nothing else feels right.

Reflexology Demystified

Reflexology DemystifiedDemystifying Reflexology

Google is modern mankind’s go-to, most handy and easily accessible front of online information for almost any subject of which one can think, as well as some that might elude one, were it not for the mine of immensely diverse info and data gathered on Google.

Eye Make-Up with Face to Face

Make Up - EyesMore Views on Eye Make-Up

Eyes are exceptionally important. When they are injured or impaired, blindness may result. Eye health and correct care is vitally important to preserve these incredible organs, which are also extremely distinctive, especially when made up well.

Myths About Reflexology

Reflexology MythsDebunking Myths about What Reflexology Is and Is Not

Modern reflexology – a non-intrusive therapy based on the theory that specific pressure points in the feet relate to various parts of the human body – is not a cure-all for medical conditions and pain. Its purpose is to help bring the body, its organs, and other parts back into a holistic balance, which allows all systems to function properly.


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I am the designated photographer for the only internationally and nationally accredited make-up training institution which is celebrating is 52 years of operation. I love to experiment with the power of photography, specialising in conceptual & fashion, although I love shooting anything that challenges me. I shoot on location but also have my own studio situated in Parktown, Johannesburg.

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