Eyebrow Shaping as an Art

Face to Face - Eyebrow Shaping as an ArtThe Art of Shaping Eyebrows

Unless the style of a work of art, such as a painting, is totally modernist or avant garde, it deserves a frame to complete the picture. Likewise, eyebrows provide structure, definition, balance, and a frame to eyes and a pretty face, the objective of virtually every woman, ever since women first became aware of beauty and an attractive, appealing face.

General Hints on How to Apply Natural Looking Make-Up

How to Apply Make-upUnless you are applying make-up designed and destined for a role on stage, in film, for a fancy dress party, or photographic purposes, it should enhance and emphasise your best facial features, whilst minimising and playing down those that are less than perfect.

Despite this individuality, there are numerous universal hints on how to apply it, so that it looks natural. Today, we focus on general, rather than specific guidelines on how to enhance your natural beauty.

The Aesthetic Importance of Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow ShapingAlmost all facets and features of the human face vary, and yet, upon meeting someone for the first time, one usually does not observe and evaluate each individual component of the face in isolation, unless the feature is particularly unusual (pleasing or less so).

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Shaping - Face to FaceEyebrow Shaping is Essential

At various stages and ages, almost invisible eyebrows were the in thing, the height of facial and make-up fashion. Brows have been thin and quite severe, courtesy of the heavy strokes of a sharp eyebrow pencil, or they are just very thin, barely there, and over-plucked. Beware of the latter, as over-plucked brows often do not grow back.


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